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A Rohingya Woman Request MSF For Medical Treatment For Rape Victims In Maungdaw

RB News 
November 18, 2016

Maungdaw, Arakan – Many Rohingya Women were raped by Myanmar Military and Border Guard Police (BGP) under pretext of a clearance operation since October 9th, 2016. The rape victims have had no chance for medical treatment. An educated woman requested MSF for urgent medical treatments for the rape victims in Northern Maungdaw. 

After October 9th attacks on three BGP outposts, the military and BGP have been torching Rohingya houses, killing innocent people, arresting, looting, destroying households. Moreover, they raped many Rohingya women. 

The Military and BGP have committed many rapes since October 14th to November 16th, 2016. At least 22 women from U Shey Kya were raped by them. some victims escaped from there. Reuters covered 8 cases yet 14 cases are left uncovered as the western media are prohibited to get in the area, a woman told RB News.

On November 16th, 2016, at 1pm a group of soldiers about 100 strong surrounded U Shey Kya village and fired continuously. Some men left the village immediately and some reached the mountain located east side of the market to save their lives. As the soldiers saw them they had to jump into the stream which is beside the mountain. The soldier came onto the mountain and fired like rain onto the stream.

“They reached on the mountain when we reached to the inshore they were continuously shooting us. A boy aged 16 was killed.” a survivor told RB News. He added that three villagers injured. 

The soldiers raided the village. They brought some men who were unable to escape and the women, 300 people all together in one place. Some soldiers pull out 4 more beautiful women and gang raped them at a house. The men and women were released after being severely beaten but 7 men were arrested.. They looted valuables from houses and destroyed households till 5pm. Then they left from the village with the 7 villagers they arrested. 

“It is like they have got license to rape the innocent women again and again when they raid the village. The rape victims have been suffering seriously as no chance for medical treatments.” an educated woman from the village whose parents are also well educated. 

“For such victims we need urgent treatment from MSF, Doctors without Borders. That’s why I request to help them as soon as possible.” she added.

Reporting by MYARF, and additional reporting by Rohingya Eye.

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