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A Rohingya woman explain how they were sexually abused by Myanmar Military

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November 18, 2016

This audio clip was sent from Lu Pyan Pyin hamlet, Kyet Yoe Pyin Village Tract on November 18, 2016 at 11am local time.

In this audio clip:

The Rohingya woman said she is one of the victim.

A Rohingya woman:

Peace be upon you.
I am talking to the brothers from my village. 
They [soldiers] brought us to the yard. 
They put their hands into our clothes and are abusing us. 
They took us into the house and are abusing us. 
They took the young girls into the house and abused. 
Then they came out one by one [solider] from house. 
How do we stay in this country? 
Please pray for us. 
I was abused by them and I just came out by crawling. 
Brothers, please pray for us. 
I can't talk any more.

A Rohingya man:

Peace be upon you.
We are talking from Lu Pyan Pyin hamlet in Kyet Yoe Pyin village tract.
Peace be upon you.
Please listen this and pray for us.

Note: : Lu Ti Frang is Lu Pyan Pyin hamlet.

Uploader’s Note: : The women were raped but the woman who was speaking in the clip didn’t dare to use the term “rape” in Rohingya language. Instead she said sexually abused. Translated exactly what she said.

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