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Arrests, Mass Killings, Torching Houses And Robbery Continue In Northern Maungdaw By Myanmar Army

RB News
October 13, 2016

Maungdaw, Arakan – The Myanmar Army have been arresting and killing innocent Rohingya civilians. The Army have been torching houses and robbing from Rohingyas in northern Maungdaw Towship in Arakan state again today. 

The military arrested 15 innocent Rohingya civilians including five children from Pha Wet Chaung village and they were later killed. 

“The military raids our village [Pha Wet Chaung]. They arrested 15 villagers including 5 children. Military took them with a truck to NaTaLa village. Later they all were slaughtered.” a Rohingya told RB News over the phone. 

Kyet Yoe Pyin village has been under attack by the military since Wednesday. As of Thursday, 162 houses have been burnt down into ashes and a market where more than 150 Rohingya shops run businesses have also been burnt to the ground. 

Pyaung Pyaik hamlet located in Nga Sa Kyu village was raided by the military. Before torching the houses, the military and NaTaLa villagers looted valuable things and cattle. They then torched 40 houses. Later in the evening more than 100 houses were burnt down. The military shot dead an elderly woman while torching the houses and they threw her into the fire. 

Some children and elderly were blocked inside their houses before they were set ablaze. They couldn’t escape from fire and many have reportedly died inside the houses. 

On Thursday at 2PM the military entered Tha Wun Chaung village and checked the household registration and count the heads house by house. They found a man who isn’t from that village. The man was taken by the military and later at 6PM released.

After 6PM the military entered into Sabai Gone and Laung Dun villages and shot with launchers. Reportedly the houses were burnt. An elder said “Many elderly, pregnant women, children are where the military are torching the houses. I am worried for them. I don’t know whether they are dead or alive. Now what I am seeing is this government is implementing the plan of the then president Thein Sein which Rohingyas will be kept in the camps and sent to third countries.”

According to the villagers, five helicopters were flying over villages for long hours. They said the military used launchers to kill innocent civilians.

Additional reporting contributed by MYARF and Rohingya Eye.

Rohingya houses burning in Pyaung Pyaik hamlet in Nga Sa Kyu village on Thursday 

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