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By Mayyu Ali (MYARF)
RB Poem
August 19, 2016

Some say Rohingyas are Bengalis 
Who came from Bangladesh.
Some say Rohingyas are Kalars
Who immigrated illegally.
Some say Rohingyas are no ethnic group in Myanmar
Who included in history.
Ah! What a man can make a pure heart in worldly life!
It's your man-made of heart'
Afraid of affirming
That doesn't learn to let for truth
And it's your double-life of soul'
Afraid of dying
That doesn't learn to live in peace
Verily, this makes you trembling the muscle of your cheek,
Whenever you see me.
Why of a long-term of gaffe that you take to your heart!
Indeed, neither it's your innate faulty
Nor my everlasting doom.
Our time goes so fast.
Firstly, do change yourself
Then the world would be, too.
Common! Oh, my state-siblings,
Just drop the rope of ignorance.
And hang on the aft of truth.
Let's count on once!
In the winter,
For the beneath
The bitter snow lies the seed
When that's with the sun's love
And in the spring,
It becomes a truth for you.
Then, you'd have your scrupulousness again
Just to confess your heart-word of
"I'm a Rohingya."
"I'm a Rohingya."
"I'm a Rohingya."

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