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Myanmar state policy to brutalize Rohingyas

An Aung Mingalar checkpoint in the Western Burmese city of Sittwe. Photo by Andreas Stahl

“Myanmar state policy to brutalize Rohingyas”

Min Khant
RB Opinion
May 16, 2016

On May 14th, 2016 issued in the Global New Light of Myanmar, the former brute President U Thein Sein’s name was mentioned by commander in chief of Myanmar, the senior general Min Aung Hlaing as a sensible man that he has already denied the existence of Rohingyas people in Myanmar. Every one of us from inside and outside of the world knows about President U Thein Sein’s and much of his created filthy incidents in all around the country in his ruling periods from 2011-2016. 

People have perceived what he was and how he has successfully managed his prearranged inner plans by the hands of Rakhine Buddhist racists to be drifting many Rohingyas in the Bay of Bengal and sent more than 140,000 innocent Rohingyas to IDP camps and rest of the Rohingyas are being kept in traps in their localities. Rohingyas reside in Maungdaw, Buthidaung, Rathedaung, Sittwe, Pauktaw, Mrauk Oo, Kyauktaw, Myaybone, and Min Bya townships. The movement restriction imposed on Rohingyas in their localities result 1.2 million innocent Rohingyas lives in unsafe position in regard medical treatment, livelihoods, constant education, and social activities. 

Saturday’s newspaper stated the Senior General Min Aung Hlaing has explained in press release yesterday: “Regarding the term Rohingyas, the senior general said there is no such ethnic group recognized in the country. Former USDP party president U Thein Sein also, in his time as president, shared this sentiment. ‘I would unambiguously say our country has no such ethnic group as the Rohingya. We have only Bengali. We call them so because they came from Bangladesh. The British brought these people into our country for different reason,’ said the Senior General.” 

This is not the time to convey the documents to neither the world community nor Myanmar Buddhist racists in regard Rohingyas’ reality because people both in local and international community have already received and understood about Rohingyas’ authenticity. 

In accord, the documents they (Rohingya) have already brought to the world and the incumbents in local, Rohingyas are originally neither from Bangladesh as per the idea of U Min Aung Hlaing nor were they brought by British power as laborers in Arakan. Actually, Rohingyas are the most senior citizens or earliest inhabitants of ancient Arakan state. After the birth of independence of Myanmar in 1948, the then Myanmar senior military leaders have unanimously recognized Rohingyas as indigenous citizens of the country.

But, Myanmar military brutes who have inherited U Ne Win’s policy to get rid of Rohingyas from their ancestral land did not accept and would not be going to recognize the legitimacy of Rohingyas as an indigenous though they with having a load of documents in their hands. Denial of Rohingyas’ existence by the consecutive military brutes has been a matter of policy to cleanse the Rohingyas people rather than any. 

At this point, the reason, they (military brutes) have been showing and presenting to the local and international community due to Rohingyas as fabricated identity or aliens or laborers or illegal immigrants from Bangladesh, should be challenged and clarified by the world community with a world-recognized convention to shut up their mouths once and for all. This becomes the last chance if they are sincere and clever to accept the convention in which facts will be brought and approved whether Rohingyas are indigenous or not. Take a decision. 

Senior Military men, who are currently in power, are being brain washed by their mentors, senior general Than Shwe and his colleagues to do all against the regime of Daw Aung San Suu Kyi who wants the state of Myanmar to be democratic system at least in equal for every ethnic group. The military brutes, Rakhine nationalistic racists and some Burmese nationalists are in a very annoying mood, if the democratic regime of Daw Suu would sincerely and rightfully approve the identity of Rohingyas to earn the lifting of economic sanctions and faces of the world by rendering rights to the oppressed community, Rohingyas. 

It is assumed that Ministry of Home affairs and Ministry of defense are ever ready to seize the flaw of the current regime at the cost of social instability through strong Buddhists racists, who are intellectually trained and paid sufficiently to employ as the squads to emerge the communal violence, instability, and to spoil the tumultuous situation wherever and whenever the military brutes want. So as the current government may face hardship in ruling the state and military persons find the way for a coup and take up again the state power. 

Now, with multi slogans due to Rohingyas identity, a disguised young monk association about a five hundred-head have started the fresh demonstration similar to previous staring from Mandalay and said that they have already formed several branches in almost every town of the country to demonstrate town after town in regard Rohingyas identity, which is aimed to attract many Buddhist racists who strongly hate Rohingyas and want to assault Muslims and Christians at large. 

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