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Illegal Rakhine delegates are discourteous at Parliament

Min Khant
RB Opinion
May 25, 2016

Throughout Myanmar political history, in the election periods in northern Arakan/Rakhine state, Rohingyas delegates have conquered their electoral victories in the respective elections where there are Rohingyas majority. 

Right now, the upper and lower house Rakhine Buddhist parliament representatives--from north Rakhine state townships such as Maungdaw, Buthidaung, Rathedaung and Sittwe-- were selected by the past election commission to be electing them without Rohingyas competitors among where there are Rohingyas Muslim majority, after conniving Rohingyas voters and competitors as disqualifiers for the election by the election commission. 

Almost all Rohingyas people believe the current dacoit-like Rakhine representatives from these townships are being considered as illegal delegates to discuss the affairs due to Rohingyas’ in parliament, to bring proposal to the parliament and seeking parliaments’ approval about Rohingyas people’ citizenship affairs and beyond. The reason is Rakhine current self-centered and resentful delegates were never chosen by the Rohingyas community in north Rakhine state in the past November 2015 election.

If the election commission was fare and square, either Rohingyas or NLD representatives would have won in the Rohingyas people’ constituencies because Rohingyas people love National League for Democracy Party and that of the leader Daw Aung San Suu Kyi instead of emerging rancorous Rakhine racial thugs as delegates, in parliaments, who all the times wanted to be quarrelling with honest and progressive NLD delegates in the parliament sessions and distracting the jobs of parliaments at this time of nascent democratic periods as block stone along the road

In the past parliament sessions and at this very beginning of NLD led parliament sessions, the Rakhine fanatic and racial leaders in parliament are odd and ridiculous against others and they think they are superior by birth and the rest are inferior. Very awfully, it is found that there are some roller blind leaders from different constituencies in line grimy thoughts of the Rakhine leaders to blindly support the 1982 citizenship law which is unacceptable by both Rohingyas and international community because the law was compiled by dictator Ne Win whom no one wants in this time whilst he was regarded in the history as ‘the sole destroyer of the lifeline of fifty million people’ overall social devastation for sixty-three years’. 

Considerably, if there are still some people to yearn and crave backward the system of Ne Win’s 1982-citizenship law -- then why are his economic structure; socialist ruling scheme to get ordinary people into poverty and some other authoritative programs that pushed the country into abysmal and have destroyed the social life of the entire Burmese not likened by those Rakhine nationalistic leaders? 

Would Rakhine leaders and that of the Rakhine populace agree to go backward to Ne Win’s socialist Program? No one in the world would agree to accept any old system that does not fit today’s 21st century. If not, why then do you (Rakhine Buddhists) like to stick just the 1982 citizenship law which would only misplace the rights of Rohingyas not Rakhine Buddhist? Do Rakhine politicians’ politic only about to defeat and crush Rohingyas people’ rights? Rakhine Buddhists’ criminal policies have been very clear that the law is to make Rohingyas citizens as immigrants or interlopers in their ancestral land by the power of majority Buddhists in Myanmar. What a crooked and hooked notorious Rakhine Buddhist parliamentarians in the house of parliament today! The Majority should not bully the minority people as per the saying of Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, the state counselor. Simply, Rohingyas are not that much naive in these days. 

If Rakhine political forces selectively worship only the 1982 citizenship law, which was in favor of Rakhine Racist mentor Dr. Aye Kyaw (passed away) and some other Rakhine colleagues to disenfranchise the rights of Rohingyas and penalize under the reason of national sovereignty, integrity, ethnicity, different physical appearance, religious differences, state safety and security, and now democratic flourish. Then not only Rohingyas who are prime targets by the law but no one in the world being as global community will accept this law because it is totally unacceptable, excessive, outrageous and forceful against the weak Rohingyas large minority community in Arakan/Rakhine state and Rohingyas tiny groups in other locations along the nation.

Date on 20th May 2016, the motion concerning the issue of citizenship scrutiny was put on record at the Pyithu Hluttaw after the voting turned to be 154 votes and 228 against, with 7 abstentions. That means yet there are 154 yes votes to advocate the 1982 citizenship law which has been dead law in the world. This is not house of parliament to carry on the task of the state by the optimistic way with the unanimous support for the goodness of the country. Right now, our country’s parliament needs a unanimous support to pass a good law or resolution after thoroughly examining all the facts and points from various angles rather than inconsiderably diving into factional gangs in the parliament houses. 

To clarify details about the yes voters to 1982 citizenship law, these delegates might have been the entire unelected military representatives, all Rakhine Buddhist sectarian delegates and the rest are fellow Buddhists from NLD and some narrow-minded figures who do not want the development of our country. Recently the United States of American has extended the economic sanction against Myanmar for a year again, reasoning that yet there are still lack of human rights restoration and guarantees for minority Rohingyas, Kachine and others. Myanmarese politicians should have known not only the remedy of domestic pains, but also international political arenas whether their (international community) action over Myanmar is right or wrong after thoroughly thinking all relevant subjects rather than executing blindly as lame parliamentarians in the parliament houses. 

These 154 voters in support of 1982 citizenship law are neither they are qualified to be the parliamentarians to discuss the affairs of the state as because their mentality show that they aren’t educated to be the carriers of such kind of state intellectual burdensome nor they are entitled to receive the parliamentarians salaries for doing fruitless business by idly siding with pessimistic guises in the seats and all against the good jobs of the parliament in this era. To have the first-rate discussions of the parliament in future, the naïve are to be handed out the necessary guidance of rules and regulations, which is concerned with domestic and international standard. If they do not gradually become as qualifiers in some days, then they should be warned that they could possibly be expelled from the parliament sessions. Unless they are threatened, they will not study more and will not become perfect to see the reality in future discussions. 

I would very much like to urge the delegates -- such as U Aung Kyaw Zan of Pauktaw constituency, U Thein Tan of HleGu constituency, and U Pe Than of Myaybon constituency who discussed and articulated the short history of 1982 citizenship law why should this law be applied on ROHINGYAS—to examine again whether or not you all the persons’ discussion and recommendation to the parliament are in line principal of international law and as per the demand of the global community. Have you ever thought about that before shooting your presentation? 

The Chair of Upper House one U Win Myint has earlier declared that he would perform and discharge all the relevant affairs of the state of Myanmar all the best in accord with the international norms which respect and recommend the Universal Human Rights declaration in which Burma has been a signatory nation of the Charter. 

Rakhine Buddhist politicians and that of their fellow followers are nothing-good doing for the sake of the country but what their political demand not only in Rakhine state and the NAYPYIDAW are horribly leading to disunity, division among the people and disintegration of the nation into pieces. 

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