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Do not make Rohingyas as fool community

Min Khant
RB Opinion
May 19, 2016

Since fifteen years ago, Rakhine Buddhist separatist leaders from inside the country and outside, they have been in a very organized and successful position together with all level of ordinary Rakhine people, who are coordinative, have been whispered by the Rakhine nationalistic cells to break away Rakhine state from mainland Myanmar through harsh fighting with Myanmar Army. 

From the one hand, having failed Rakhine Buddhist separatists leaders the demand an extra ethnical rights such as broader federalism for Rakhine nationals in the last first time Parliament session, which being held from the year (2010-15) was led by vet. Aye Maung who has been notorious rhetoric style in parliamentary frequent discussing sessions, ultimately the synchronized Rakhine barbaric leaders (activists from inside and outside) have adopted a determined decision to fight with Myanmar Army to separate Rakhine state from Burma/Myanmar and to kill or drive away all Rohingyas from their ancestral land from the other hand.

During the last parliament, In fact, the narrow-minded Rakhine leaders have succeeded bringing Rohingyas’ issue to disenfranchise them their citizenship rights, which they had been the rights to vote and to be voted since the birth of the nation up to 2010. 

from the year 2015, Rohingyas are deliberately disenfranchised to vote and to be contested in the last 2015 election by the successful attempt of vet Aye Maung, which was the irrational proposal to the parliament by Aye Maung and in the last the negligible decision to become the law by the then lower house speaker U Thura Shwe Mann.

Right now, as per their fighting schedule, the Arakan Army has started their fighting with Myanmar Tatmataw in Rakhine state to take back Arakan FATHERLAND from the current regime. 

Rakhine fanatic leaders, with in parliament and out, reasoning the sporadic Arakan Army’s guerrillas fighting in north Rakhine state with Myanmar army has sparked the Rakhine Buddhist civilians to be disarrayed without food and shelters in localities. Thus the outcry by the Rakhine leaders particularly Daw Khin Saw Way of Rathedaung township constituency’s roar in parliament session to assist to the ‘created refugees’ in Rakhine state which was blatantly denied by the Chair of lower house (U Win Myint), saying the fighting and refugees are the calculated creation of Rakhine politicians to defame the face of the nation. 

The Rakhine leaders who are known by all as serious problem creators have since grown their anger to both the parliament and the Burmese leaders and now they are turned to designing to create another weird and wonderful problem against innocent Rohingyas. Recently, Rakhine Buddhist demonstrators throughout Rakhine state have been demanding the authorities of Rakhine state in regard Aung Mingalar quarter, Sittwe to be removed away to further, insisting that there are many aliens infiltrated into the quarter which has been cordoned off with barb wire since the year 2012 AA terrorists’ attack against Rohingyas Muslims all over in Rakhine state.

Because of Rakhine racists and Burmese nationalistic lame accusation against Rohingyas that there are many infiltrators in Rakhine state, deputy Minister for Home Affairs Brigadier General Kyaw Zan Myint has clarified in the last parliament that there are no infiltrators as accused by Rakhine combustible politicians. 

As a matter of fact, Since the 2012, Rakhine terrorists’ surprise attack on innocent Rohingyas and the gratifying of the U Thein Sein’s military battalions the attack on Rohingyas by Rakhine terrorists, many Rohingyas have been leaving their native land by water way and mountain passes to escape the brutality and suppression of both Rakhine community and Burmese military oppression. At the beginning of the violence eruption, though there are approximately 500,000 thousand Rohingyas people in Aung Mingla quarter, right now, there are 400,800 people only and at least 100,000 people have already fled away from the quarter for their survival. 

From where Rakhine terrorist get the information to run randomly their worthless, rubbish mouths by shooting multiple slogans to disgrace innocent Rohingyas in front of the media after taking permission from the authorities? Either it is the democratic authority, which has a guilty to permitting such kind of Rakhine terrorists’ demonstration to humiliate helpless Rohingyas or it is intentional act of the current government to discredit the Rohingyas. 

In return, would the authority agree to allow the Rohingyas community to demonstrate the desire of their own to drive out Rakhine Buddhists from the downtown to somewhere else? In fact, neither group has the rights to demand authority or by demonstration to root out another group from their locality, home or residence. 

Border Minister has already comforted Rakhine Buddhist protesters and has promised that authority will look into the Rakhine terrorist obvious accusation against the Aungminglar quarter dwellers whether or not there are outsiders. Rakhine leaders and Burmese policy makers to balance their ‘occasional dirty political requirement’ to fool around the game within and international political arenas have traded Rohingyas as a ‘valuable commodity’. Innocent Rohingyas should take care of the motivation of both Rakhine Buddhists and government authorities. 

Right now, while we have a democratic government elected by the people, Rule of law should be equal for both communities in Rakhine state and swift restoration of rule of law in this hostile community, the equal rights be established by the power of the central government to check and balance all unfound accusations on Rohingyas people by Rakhine community. As far as Rohingyas are concerned to settle down all unfound accusations against Rohingyas, they are ready to challenge to help solve all the relevant issues honestly, don’t make them more as fool community.

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