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Newsmakers: Myanmar’s Divided People “Rohingya”

Interview with TRT World (Turkish Television) 
Newsmakers: Myanmar’s Divided People “Rohingya”

In the panel discussion on The Newsmakers, Mr Tun Khin President “Burmese Rohingya Organisation UK” & Penny Green Director “International State Crime Initiative” Highlighted that how GENOCIDE ON ROHINGYA is going on in this 21st century and international community is ignoring this ROHINGYA GENOCIDE.

Mr Tun Khin said We Rohingya need to wait for two to three years to get permission to get marry, after passing all level of exams we cannot go to the higher education university. Our lands were confiscated by military this is what we face for many decades in Burma, even until today the worst situation we are facing in 21st century.

What international legal experts especially what Penny Green director International State Crime Initiative mentioned that we are facing Genocide today, we are in the worst situation in 21st century where international community is ignoring this Rohingya genocide issue.

Penny Green said we visited the camps area where at least around a hundred and forty thousand Muslims Rohingya are now interned effectively, we visited villages which are effectively prison villages because the rohingya there cannot live, and what we found was a fairly a very desperate situation in fact we found. The question that we went out with was true to explore whether or not the persecution which we knew the rohingya to be suffering was in fact genocide! And what we found was in fact genocide!!

For our purposes genocide is a process and it seems very clear to us that the Rohingya are facing the fourth stage in the genocidal of process, the stage before “mass annihilation”

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