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Cop posed as cabbie nabs kidnapper, rescue Rohingya

By Bernama
January 2, 2016

A policeman posing as a taxi driver foiled two Bangladeshi men waiting to collect the ransom for a Rohingya they had kidnapped at a supermarket near Kota Tinggi, Johor.

Kota Tinggi police chief Rahmat Othman said one of the two suspects was arrested two hours after a police report was made.

“The victim, a Rohingya, was rescued when a policeman disguised as a taxi driver brought the victim’s 11-year-old son to deliver the ransom of RM5,000 in cash and jewellery in an oil palm plantation near Taman Pasak Indah.

“Another policeman hid in the backseat. Both cops sprang into action to nab the kidnappers and rescue the victim,” he said in a statement today.

One of the kidnappers, however, managed to escape, said Rahmat.

Ismail Ayub Khan, 34, had just finished shopping at 8pm when he was approached by two Bangladeshi men.

“They asked the victim for a ride in his car to Taman Pasak Indah as there were no taxis. When they reached a spot at an oil palm plantation, the men bundled up the victim.

“They later called the victim’s wife and demanded RM10,000 as ransom, which was reduced to RM5,000 in cash and jewellery.

"The kidnappers then instructed the wife to ask her eldest son to deliver the cash, failing which they threatened to kill her husband,” he said.

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