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Rohingyas In Arakan State In Fear After Seeing Stranger Movements In Towns And Villages

In this Sept. 13, 2013 photo, residents warily look at visitors to Ba Gone Nar village center, in Maungdaw, northern Rakhine state, Myanmar. In Ba Gone Nar, a rambling village of around 8,000 where the response by authorities has been the most brutal and indiscriminate following 2012 sectarian violence, residents peered cautiously through the slats of the tall bamboo fences, then beckoned foreign journalists through their gates, each desperate to tell their story. (AP Photo/Gemunu Amarasinghe)

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September 21, 2015 

Maungdaw, Arakan – In some townships in Arakan State, the Rakhines are threatening that they will terrorize the Rohingya on the day of Eid, an Islamic holy day on the 25th of September. Rakhines from Kyauktaw, Minbya, Myebon, Sittwe, Rathedaung, Buthidaung and Maungdaw townships have been reportedly threatening that the Bengalis will slaughter the cows on Eid day, so they, the, Rakhines will slaughter the Bengalis on that day. 

In Maungdaw and Buthidaung many strangers believed to be from Arakan Army are moving around, according to the residents. Many Rakhine strangers are moving in Ngakura, Kanpyin, Sabei Pyin, Laungdone, Kyain Chaung, Yan Aung Pyin, Thurein, Aung Thayar, Ngwar Yone Taung village tract Rakhine hamlet in Maungdaw North and in Maungdaw South, Vesali, Kaye Myaing, Bawdi Gone, Thayay Konebaw village tract Ywa Thit hamlet, Kaing Gyi, Mawrawaddy, In Taungpyo Latwal sub-township, Thae Chaung, Nant Tha Taung, In Buthidaung Township downtown quarters, villages in northern part, especially in Kin Chaung village. 

Sometime those Rakhine strangers in Maungdaw North were reported moving around by wearing Border Guard Police uniform. At night they organize meetings at monasteries and the big houses of Rakhine residents. 

As many strangers appear in many townships the Rohingyas in Arakan State fear that something may happen on Eidul Adha day. As there threats were made at the same time these strangers were moving suspiciously. 

Local Rohingya are increasingly concerned and worried for their safety. 

Earlier this month, the military seized the weapons from the monastery in Ka Kyat Phat village in Buthidaung Township.

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