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Two Rohingyas Village Admin Were Forced To Drink Alcohol By The Myanmar Army & BGP Police Officers

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July 17, 2015 

Taung Pyo Let Wal, Arakan – On July 15th midnight, five Myanmar Army and Border Guard Police Officers forced two Rohingyas who were village administration personnel to drink alcohol. As this incident occurred during Ramadan it was considered to be seriously attacking the men for religious reasons, local Rohingya villagers said. 

On July 15th, about 12 midnight, an officer and two police from Border Guard Police outpost under No. (2) Zone based in Zee Pin Chaung village of Taung Pyo Let Wal sub-township in Maungdaw North, along with a Captain and a soldier based from the same village came to Kyun Pauk Pyu Su village tract, Bawtali (1) hamlet. 

They started beating Kyun Pauk Pyu Su village administrator Mr Noor Mamed and 100-houses head Mr Nurul Huda for no apparent reason. They pointed at them with their pistols and used many insults against the religion that the two Rohingyas practice, Islam, and at the end the two Rohingyas were forced to drink alcohol. 

After that they beat two sentry guards named Mr Aabuu (s/o) Mr Sayed Ahmed (Aged 40) and Mr Jamal (s/o) Mr Nurul Hussein (Aged 30). As a result of beating the sentry guards inhumanely Mr Jamal’s two teeth were broken and Mr Aabuu is also confined to his bed now as he is suffering serious internal injuries. 

As alcohol is prohibited in Islam, most of the Rohingyas avoid it, and feeding by force during the holy Ramadan month is clearly a serious and intentional attack on their faith, and although the villagers abhorred what the gun-men did to them, they are helpless to take legal action against them as the laws in Myanmar do not protect the Rohingya people.

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