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BROUK Hold 3rd Commemoration of Rohingya Genocide in Arakan

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June 9, 2015

London -- 3rd commemoration of Rohingya Genocide in Arakan event was held in London last Friday 5th June 2015.. The event was organised by Burmese Rohingya Organisation UK and more than 100 people attended including members BROUK, Members from Burmese Muslim Association UK, Anna Roberts Executive Director from Burma Campaign UK (BCUK) ,Ko Aung from 88 Generations and Mr Nurul Islam chairman of Arakan Rohingya National Organisation.

Ahmed Jarmal General Secretary of BROUK hosts as a master of Ceremony of the event. He mentioned “This event is 3rd COMMEMORATION OF ROHINGYA GENOCIDE IN ARAKAN” to give our remembrances to those who died and who were still suffering due to the pre planned attack on Rohingya and other Muslim of Burma. 

The event started with the recitation of verses from the Holy Quran. Mr Nurul Islam Chairman of Arakan Rohingya National Organisation gave opening remarks by thanking BROUK for organizing this wonderful event. 3 years ago in this month state sponsored massacre was carried out against Rohingya and Kaman in Arakan and other Muslims in other parts of Burma.

Mr Nurul Islam mentioned that the human rights violations and abuses committed against Rohingya for decades are not isolated incidents, but part of a broad pattern of the policies being implemented by the ruling Thein Sein government. They are committed with full impunity and knowledge of the government and violation has not been fully and impartially investigated and none of the perpetrators have been brought to justice. 

The government has no intention to resolve the issue. A UN Commission of Inquiry is most urgent to investigate the mass atrocity crimes in Arakan and other parts f Burma and to bring those responsible to justice. It is also important that UN intervenes in the matter on ground of humanitarianism.

Mr Nurul Islam concluded his opening remarks by mentioning the root cause of the problem must be addressed. Their citizenship and ethnic rights must be restored. Political and democratic process in Burma should be all-inclusive; Rohingya must be a part of it. Humanitarian aids must be allowed. All persecution and ghettoization and must be ended. Repatriation and rehabilitation of refugees in their original properties. 

Kyaw Zwa from Burmese Muslim Association said after by election 2011 Burmese government systematically planned massacre against Rohingyas and other Muslims of Burma.The government planned Ma Thi Da Twe rape case to start Rohingya genocide in 2012 June. It was very clear that Ma Thi Da Twe case was not a rape case at all which everyone knows. He addressed that President Thein Sein government is wiping out Rohingyas and other Muslims of Burma by doing anti-Muslim hate speech and creating violence. He concluded his speech by 

Anna Roberts from BCUK pointed that BCUK is continuously pressing e UK government through MPs. She mentioned that Bt BROUK’s call to support UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon to lead to get in aid in Arakan and to support International Independent Investigation.

88 Generations Leader Ko Aung mentioned that he will be together with Rohingyas in Solidarity and will continue his support on the cause. 

BROUK President made closing remarks by thanking all BROUK members for their great effort for the event. He also thanks to audience and other participants of the event. He encouraged that not to lose hope even tough situation is not getting better. Recent OSLO conference shown 7 noble prize winners are together with Rohingyas in Solidarity. Rohingyas struggle is long way to go and and have to keep current momentum. Rohingyas are without friends inside Burma and have a few friends Like Dr Maung Zarni and Ko Aung. Rohingyas are the son of Arakan soil and have to continue the struggle to restore Rohingya’s rights.

The event was ended with Dua and served dinner later.

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