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A Rickshaw Driver In Sittwe Inhumanly Beaten By Myanmar Military

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June 29, 2015 

Sittwe, Arakan – The Myanmar Military battalion 376 is located between TheChaung Rakhine and Marmagyi villages and there is a check point there for security purpose. A new Major was appointed last month and who has proven to be very cruel to Rohingya people, according to local sources. As soon as the Major’s duty was assigned with battalion 376, he has been accused of indiscriminately beating Rohingyas who crossed the check point. This point is also frequented by some rickshaw drivers carrying passengers from one place to another. 

On Sunday – 28th June 2015 at 8:30pm a rickshaw along with the driver was taken into the check point. Two Rohingya men saw that four soldiers were beating the rickshaw driver and two other Rohingya men who were waiting from some distance were able to observe the beatings as well. They didn’t know the victim’s name. 

Later at about 9pm, the soldiers called the camp committee member of TheChaung IDP camp, U Maung Maung Sein (aka) Nurul Islam and they asked U Maung Maung Sein to take the victim and to drop him off at home. As the victim was severely wounded U Maung Maung Sein was afraid and he refused to accept. Then the soldiers gave the medical treatment to the victim and finally U Maung Maung Sein and a villager of TheChaung named Salim took the victim and dropped him off at his home. 

In these days, the soldiers from battalion 376 are beating innocent Rohingya passers-by and robbing them of money and mobile phones without any reason. As the military is the more powerful than the government in Myanmar, there is no one to take action against the tortures and robbing committed by Myanmar military. 

Aung Aung and Saed Arkani contributed in reporting.

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