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BROUK urged an urgent action to stop Rohingya Genocide in the Holocaust Museum, Washington DC and at United Nations in New York

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May 6, 2015

BROUK’s President Tun Khin was invited to brief on the deteriorating situation of Rohingya at the Simon-Skjodt Center for the Prevention of Genocide at United State Memorial Holocaust Museum on May 28th before receiving the leadership award from Refugees International. At the meeting director from Prevention and Genocide, Officials from US state department, Dan Sullivan from United to End Genocide, Simon from US Campaign for Burma and others were in attendance. 

Tun Khin pinpointed the revoking of white cards will affect Rohingya voting rights for the first time in Burma. He strongly mentioned the government's long time intention to wipe out Rohingyas from Burma, decades of persecution and destruction against Rohingyas by Burmese Government. All participants discussed about future strategy on the Rohingya issue. BROUK ‘s President Tun Khin accompanied by General Secretary Jarmal, briefed US Deputy Assistant Secretary of Democracy, Human Rights and Labour at US State Department, Senate Foreign Relations Committee at the Senate Building and briefed at Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission. The delegation highlighted the updated situation of Rohingyas in Arakan, the current white cad issue, Rohingya refugee’s situation outside Burma and Rohingya student Education issue. The delegations strongly urged US the following:

1. To support UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon to negotiate to get in Aid for Rohingya IDPs in Arakan.

2. To Put pressure on Burmese government to restore Rohingya citizenship and to provide citizenship card by replacing white card

3. To support International Independent Investigation where thousands of Rohingyas killed in June and October of 2012.

4. To provide education for Rohingyas in Arakan through UN where Rohingya students are completely blocked from going to University for decades.

5. To resettle Rohingya refugees from Bangladesh, India, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia where Rohingyas are living in squalid conditions.

In New York, the delegation briefed on the serious situation of Rohingya to International Rescue Committee, Global Centre for Justice, US mission to UN, EU mission to UN, OIC Ambassador to UN and the UN Prevention for Genocide group. Tun Khin was also invited to speak on a panel at New York New School together with photographer Greg Constantine, a photographer and author of the Documentary photo Project, Professor Danial Naujoks from New School and Sarnata Senior advisor on Human Rights from Refugees International.

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