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Min Khant
RB Article
April 9, 2015

The past SLORC and SPDC military governments have united to materialize the mischievous plan of dictator U Ne Win, who wanted Rohingyas people totally to be aliens , immigrants and at least to disenfranchise all their due rights as much possible as the government can against the Rohingyas who being the gazette indigenous ones along the history of Myanmar. 

To turn up the past governments’ criminal plan, the generations of full-blown NRC holders' offspring were trick-fully handed the white card which is neither FRC nor NRC but those temporary registration cards are regarded as only registered people in territory of Myanmar. 

Every single person knows about the President Thein Sein's inner policy regarding Rohingya people who have been under repressive condition and terrible atmosphere since more than sixty years ago in Myanmar.

After his ascension to the throne as a chosen president by his mentor, senior general Than Shwe, all the serious state affairs have gone deep down into wrong direction as people of the world know very well. Particularly Rohingyas people and that of the unsolved, uncertain question mark become as the major dirty playing cards in political instrument of Myanmar daily affairs which has been indoor and outside Myanmar, at all relevant regional and global forums.

What the cloak democratic government, right now, wants at the present is all the white card holders should agree to accept to be the Naturalized citizens. The Naturalized citizens are the ones whose parents are of foreign passport holders in initial, in accord the Myanmar 1982 citizenship law. 

The unique national historical continuation, the approved official documents and all simple affairs of the Rohingyas national concerns have always been put into puzzle and question to be confused by his unskilled presidency and his close devils advisers via the presidential palace as unfound allegation and insincere propagation. 

The white cards affair is not a totally new drama while he himself has been one of the cornerstones and masterpiece of that project to create the white cards group of marginalized citizens in north Arakan state where majority of Rohingyas Muslims reside since time immemorial.

President Thein Sein knows more about Myanmar politics which he once had handled during his premiership before becoming president of the state after the 2010 controversial election. Seeing this novice act of president Thein Sein and his administrators, people from within state and international community become so annoyed and astonished to define U Thein Sein that whether he becomes “foolish or simply doing all these” that no one accepts his model as per the norm of global standardization at this age of 21st century.

A new political fashion was planted and designed by forming so called investigation show off commissions in the country soon after being happened a communal violence, land confiscation demonstrations, civilians dead by the armed military, peaceful demonstration by students, and for so and so incidents along the country. 

To shun away ever from critics and criticism of local and international community, he usually quickly creates and forms an inquiry commission and he has been dubbed as the 'president of commissions’ creator' for nothing. 

To my surprise, none of the previous commissions could exhibit loudly and clearly even a single effective resulting solution or affirmative product in which could be verifiably and justifiably accepted by the relevant organizations of the world from the productivity of the already formed several commissions, but very apparently, all those have been in line adopted direction of the presidential office and the commissions activities and tricks too have been for the protection of Thein Sein's administrative immunity as a "big shield "for his executive political incentive. 

Throughout crisis after crisis starting from Rakhine state up to the last students' demonstration have been held by commission after commission time and again, usually the result coming out from the series of investigations have been within the excuse of sovereignty of the state integrity rather than abiding legality, respecting legitimacy and coordinating international community's advice and guidance.

Again dated on April 4, 2015, U Thein Sein has formed "an advisory commission to review laws, rules and regulations and tasks related to the temporary identity cards holders “with nine members under the notification no. (31/2015) dated 3, April 2015 issued by the President office. Nothing can be expected new-fangled from this commission while the members included in the commission are never ever known who/what they are and most notably whether or not are they the persons of honest, historical background intellectuals and intellegencia, unbiased, straightforward, nondiscriminatory manners, farsightedness and independent decisive decision makers to their real fact finding in regard the said assigned jobs? 

Up from president to every single lay person, regardless of race and creed in Myanmar, once, all were NRC card (three folding cards) holders till 1989-90. Afterwards, the immigration authorities have issued Pink Cards on those who were, in previous, the NRC card holders except Rohingyas people in Rakhine state. 

Government overriding and taking break of the passage of nearly three decades or after more than two and half decades, Rakhine and Myanmar authorities want all the white cards holders to be confessing as foreigners first and then to agree to be of Naturalized citizens if they (Rohingyas) want to stay in this land, what a unjust and upper hand master plan of the people of Rakhine Buddhists and that of the cruel Myanmar people’ government?

President Thein Sein is the one who has been properly and gently sowing the seeds of hatred among various ethnic groups in Myanmar particularly between Rohingyas and Rakhine. He has adopted a face of terror 'Wirathu' as head of all destructive forces that have been employing on behalf of President Thein Sein's privilege. 

In accord the constitutional section (364), any act which is intended or is likely to promote feeling of hatred, enmity or discord between racial or religious community or sect is contrary to the constitution, U Thein Sein being as a president of the state, he never ever thought seriously to take into consideration to abide and follow the state constitution albeit he himself was personified in drafting and approving the constitution with which he has had an oath to rule the country. 

In this country, in spite of there are many more unscrupulous humans who have been instigating hatred among humans, and who will destroy a harmonious and peaceful society sooner or later, President Thein Sein and his administration do not desire to bring to an end and take action against those destructive forces, but the administrative system has defended them from taking action. And as an alternative, government favored them to freely move where ever they want with in the country to raze the target. 

If the President is candid and plain to his contemporary state affairs, then at this moment, I would very much like to point out some points which are the most important for Rohingyas people to whom president Thein Sein has ever looked down to give the impression of being after. Well, my points are as the following mentioned:

1) Why didn't President Thein Sein take action against vet. Aye Maung who has been an ultimate architecture, creating communal problems between Rohingyas and Rakhine Magh Buddhists, who have strategically expelled nearly two hundred thousand people to several IDP camps for 2 and 1/2 years now?

2) While as if vet. Aye Maung has got state license to be propagating constant communal violence via several local journals in mood of very loud and clear, then why doesn't U Thein Sein regime take action on culprit Aye Maung who is blatantly breaching the constitutional provision (364)?

3) Why doesn't President Thein Sein take mind and grant clemency on some innocent Rohingyas who were arrested and later on being jailed in Sittwe and Buthidung jails for nothing but an obvious political motivation for long terms imprisonment by the respective Rakhine state coordinated townships authorities in line direction of ANP chair Vet. Aye Maung who is no.1 challenging, aggressive and is green-eyed being of Rohingyas people?

4) In the meantime, where there are Rohingyas and Kaman majority people in Rakhine state, none of Rakhine and Burmese Buddhists teachers have been stepping up to schools which are in villages, reasoning security that they might have been attacked by the Muslims vigilantes along their en route up-down travelling. Where there are many more unemployed graduated Rohingyas youths in localities, it has been nearly more than two decades now that any single Rohingyas man or woman ever been hired or employed in government departments. Forgetting the racial and religious discriminatory policies, why won't the government of Thein Sein warmly invite applications from Rohingyas community for their employment in education department exclusively for village primary education where Rakhine teachers haven’t been going to teach on ground of personal security? 

By the way for many years up to 2012, if any Rakhine Buddhist could evidently show that any Rohingya-being ever encounters in mood of ‘offensive aggravation’ against any single Rakhine Buddhist as life threatening in anywhere before 2012 and after that? If any, by the help of court, judges and police officers from respective township, Rakhine state, do bring the all right records of rudeness of a Muslim being not in favor of Rakhine Magh? The invent of Security reasons by the Rakhine teachers is none other than just a bulk of nonsense exaggeration, bluff and trick to the higher to find faults and hammer on innocent Rohingyas by the government.

5) Nowadays, many more people from around the countries are paying visits as globetrotters to every corner of the country. In contrast, local Rohingyas people have been restricted to travelling from one locality to another, from one township to another, from one state/division to another; it has been so much million and million hardships for innocent Rohingyas people for many years to have higher study, mutual social visits, qualitative medical treatment, livelihoods and so on. 

In that regards, has the President Thein Sein’s government ever suffered/benefited any privilege or lost of state budget or received any intimidation against state security because of Rohingyas people’ travelling with in the country? Quite the opposite, Rohingyas are the whole sale sufferers from all angles. 

If not, why won't the government lift movement restriction imposed on Rohingyas people so that they can study, can have medicaments and journey in purpose of trade and social visits with in the country. Above all, there is no reason to impose the movement restriction on a targeted minority on ground of race, color, creed and territorial division. 

6) Most importantly, if the government considers white card holders aren't qualified for full-fledge citizens, then surely U Thein Sein’s government is backsliding and following the dreams and misconducts of Rakhine people' racial prejudiced diagram. 

In fact, no one can deny that nowadays' white cards' parents or their senior forefathers are NRC three folding card holders, so they (white card holders) can't be designed as naturalized nor associated citizens by any way as per the preferences of entire Rakhine laymen and women who have been tirelessly insisting "to-be". 

If the government honestly wanted to be the successful accomplishment of the said advisory commission task’s in Rakhine state which should be open to all to be reviewed, after that U Thein Sein government is needed to suppress the destructive forces of Rakhine mob not only in Rakhine state but in elsewhere whilst the possible speeding up of naturalization motives by mass people along the country do not died out yet, and more possible political motivation and nationalistic activities, which have already been instilled into among the sentiment of Rakhine populace by ANP (Arakan National Party), could also be further inspired to discontinue the work of the advisory commission.

It is hoped that the advisory commission which was recently formed by the president may heavenly discover the ‘white card holders’ as the descendants of NRC holders and the commission honestly and ultimately may support them (Rohingyas) as the bona-fide citizens of the state who have had all due legitimate rights, including the right to vote and to be voted in coming election in accords previous several general elections. 

In order Rohingyas people to be participating in coming election as others, and while the 2015 election is draws nearer, the earlier and in time finishing of the task of white cards investigation conduct by the said advisory commission is better rather than procrastinating much time which may cost many chances of Rohingya people’ legitimate and constitutional rights.

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