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Rohingya Youth Club Joined A Meeting With UNHCR Ambassador Bollywood Actor John Abraham

UNHCR Ambassador John Abraham (Photo: UNHCR India)

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December 17, 2014

New Delhi, India – Members of a Rohingya youth club taking refuge in New Delhi, India called “Genius Rohingya Youth Club” joined a meeting with UNHCR Ambassador, Bollywood actor John Abraham on December 15, 2014.

In the meeting with UNHCR Ambassador John Abraham, the refugees from Afghanistan, Somalia and ethnic Chin from Myanmar also joined with Genius Rohingya Youth Club. The refugees performed their traditional dances and songs before starting the meeting and the UNHCR Chief of Mission Mr. Dominik Bartsch introduced John Abraham to the attendees.

In the meeting John Abraham explained how his grandparents migrated to India from other countries. He welcomed all refugees and said that the stories of the refugees are very interesting. He urged all refugees to stay in India as their own home. He said that it is his work to promote the plight of refugees to the Indian people.

The Genius Rohingya Youth Club was formed by Rohingya youth in New Delhi. Their aims are to preserve the original culture of Rohingyas, assisting Rohingya community members in India, campaigning about the plights of Rohingya, developing the community, information sharing with UNHCR officials and to reduce the pain from the sorrows of refugees by various forms of entertainment. They have been engaging in various sporting activities as well.

The Rohingya youths have submitted a letter to the chair of Human Rights Organization that detailed all about Rohingya refugees in India. According to the letter, about 200 families in New Delhi, 200 families in UP, 400 families in Haryana, 100 families in Rajasthan, 250 families in Punjab, 750 families in Hyderabad and 2000 families in J & K are taking refuge. It also stated that over 200 people are working in the factories in Mumbai and about 5000 people are in jail in Kolkata.

In the letter, they also detailed the difficulties of all Rohingya refugees in each state in India, and highlighted how Rohingya refugees were arrested while crossing the border and there is no one to help to free the estimated 5000 Rohingyas from jails in Kolkata region. The organization also expressed how human traffickers are selling women and how unsecure life is for Rohingya refugees, with some poor refugees who are working but are denied their pay and have no protection or grievance procedure as laborers. Children being kept at child detention centers was also among the topics. Although the U.N. is well informed of all of this, their problems remain unsolved.

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