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First European Rohingya Conference Held In Esbjerg, Denmark

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December 31, 2014

The first "European Rohingya Conference" was held in Esbjerg, Denmark on 27-28 December 2014. The conference was attended by 60 delegations from Denmark, United Kingdom, Norway, Netherlands and Sweden. The delegations are comprised of members from Burmese Rohingya Organization UK, Bradford Rohingya Community UK, Burmese Rohingya Community in Denmark, Rohingya Organization Norway, Burmese Rohingya Community in Netherlands and some individuals. In addition there are delegations from Germany, Switzerland, France and Finland who cancelled their trip in last minutes due to some unavoidable circumstances but they assured the conference organizers that they would support whatever decisions the conference may take. 

During the two days conference, the delegations intensely discussed many issues affecting Rohingya community and many decisions were made either by majority vote or by consensus. Future cooperation between different Rohingya organizations/individuals in Europe, establishing a fund to support the needy, Rohingya identity and Rohingya unity are some of the major issues among others which were discussed in the conference.

Every delegation in the conference agreed that the collective effort is needed to draw enough attention from the Europe and world bodies on Rohingya cause. In this regard, the conference decided to establish a network comprising representatives from different countries in Europe. The representatives will meet from time to time and discuss different issues affecting the Rohingya community and take actions jointly. If necessary the representatives will further carry the messages to their community/organizations in their respective countries for approval. The representatives selected are as below. 

1. Tun Khin (UK)
2. Hadayet Ali (Bradford, UK)
3. Monawara Jamil (Denmark)
4. Sayed Hussein (Norway)
5. Sazzat Ahmad (Netherlands)
6. Nay San Lwin (Germany)
7. Mv. Azizul Hoque (Switzerland)
8. Mv. Ali Ahmad (Sweden)
9. Bolu Mohammad Siddique (Finland)

Unity is vital to survive as a community. Divisions among the Rohinyga community are like pressing the self-destruction button. The conference requested the Rohingya community around the world to be united and fight for common cause. To help solve the divisions and preserve the unity among Rohingya community in Europe, a "Reconciliation Team" was formed with the following persons.

1. U Hla Tin (Denmark)
2. Mohammed Siddique (UK)
3. Ahamed Hussein Jarmal (UK)
4. Nabi Hussein (Netherlands)

The next conference will be held at the end of July 2015 either in Netherlands or in Norway.

For detail, the following persons can be contacted.

1. Sayed Hussein, +47 9579 5575
2. Tun Khin, +44 7888 71 4866

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