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A Rohingya Fisherman Shot Dead By Myanmar’s Border Guard Police

RB News
December 18, 2014

Maungdaw, Arakan – A Rohingya firsherman from Yey Twin Pyin village tract of Nothern Maungdaw Township in Arakan State was shot dead by Myanmar’s Border Guard Police on Thursday morning.

A fisherman named Kala Miah, son of Sayedul Amin at age 40 was coming back from fishing at sea in the morning on Thursday at 6 am. As earlier, he was ordered to report at the Border Guard Police (BGP) outpost and he was late reporting in, scared to go to BGP outpost. Once he got there, a police named Khin Maung Htoo shot him. The fisherman died on the spot at that place, according to a local.

The BGP police then threw a coffin into the stream nearby BGP’s outpost and no one is allowed to take the coffin up until now. 

According to the locals, the BGP outpost has been extorting fish from fishermen for a very long time. For that reason the fishermen are scared to go into the outpost. 

Myanmar’s BGP has been committing many crimes against humanity since the time it has formed. The previous notorious Na-Sa-Ka was replaced by the BGP. The locals claimed that the BGP forces are more notorious than the then Na-Sa-Ka for abuses. Although the government in Naypyidaw is well informed about the crimes committing by local officials and BGP in Maungdaw district, they let them continue to do more crimes and the crimes have been increasing day by day.

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