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Locals Say So-Called Bomb Blast In Buthidaung Is Conspiracy AgainstRohingyas

RB News
November 2, 2014

Buthidaung, Arakan – Four innocent Rohingyas have been arrested in Buthidaung Township of Arakan State on Saturday morning for alleged suspicion of a bomb blast. The local Rohingyas said this so-called bomb blast in Buthidaung Township is conspiracy against Rohingyas. 

On October 31st, at 9:30 am the Rakhine extremists in Buthidaung Township reported to the police and other departments that there was a bomb blast at the Trade and Agriculture office. The news was also spread to local media based in Myanmar and Burmese service based in abroad.

As RB investigated the matter, the Military Strategic office and Army Brigade based in Buthidaung are unknown to this occurrence.   

An out-post of the Army Brigade, Township General Administration venue, Ma-Ka-Pa office, Sa-Ra-Pha (Military Security Affair) office and Special Branch police office are surrounding the Trade & Agriculture office. The so-called bomb blasted area is far way from Rohingya houses. Furthermore, Rohingyas do not go outside at night and they don’t even pass-by there at that time, according to local residents. 

According to locals, Township General Administration, Special Branch Police, Trade & Agriculture Department, Immigration Department and police brought some hand grenade making experts from Rathedaung Township and provided training in the town. Immigration Department Deputy Head U Zaw Lin (Computer shop owner), Township Administration U Than Shwe, Township Police Head, Police Captain Myat Htwe, Myoma Police Station In-Charge U Tin Hla, U Maung Hlaung Soe and Ex-Police Officer U Kyaw Hla are leading the training course. 

A local resident claimed that he heard the chatting of some trainees. They said that the blast had taken place while they were training. As all the Rohingya residents are living far away from the place, they said they didn’t hear any sound of the blasting. 

After spreading the news of so-called bomb blast, the computer shop owner, Immigration Department Deputy Head U Zaw Lin targeted his business competitor U Mamedullah. 

On Saturday morning at 8 am, the police force, led by Captain Myat Htwe came to the Computer shop of U Mamedullah and arrested three innocent men including U Mamedullah. After that the departmental head and police held a meeting at Township Administration office. Later about at 2pm in the afternoon the police force again went to the shop of U Mamedullah to search.

A police put a Bangladesh mobile phone SIM card into the shop while searching and a worker at the shop was arrested for using Bangladesh mobile SIM.

“Here in our town, the police keep WY Tablets, ganja and Bangladesh Mobile SIM in their pockets. They always create the fabrication and arrest the Rohingyas. Then extort money, torture and sometimes send them to prison if the arrestee can’t afford the money. Now they arrested a man from the shop with same tactic.” a local Rohingya told RB News

Although the authorities have arrested four innocent Rohingyas in the name of suspecting, they even didn’t search a house of Rakhines who are living next to so-called bomb blasted area. They are just targeting the Rohingyas only to arrest and torture them. 

Four Rohingya men unjustly arrested were brought to Township hospital and their blood and urines were examined at laboratory. The reason was unknown. They were arrested without any evidence, the Township police head told lies to BBC Burmese, stating that they were arrested with some wires which were used for making a bomb. 

The local Rohingyas said that the Rakhine extremists, Township authorities and police are just making their efforts not to repeal section 144 act and to break the peace in the town. They are also trying to create a misunderstanding between central government and the local Rohingyas. They said the so-called bomb blast is just conspiracy against Rohingyas.

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