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United behind so-called 'Rohingya" genocide

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By Dr. Maung Zarni
June 10, 2014

United behind so-called 'Rohingya" genocide

(a poem in memory of the two Rohingya infants who became the well-publicized victims of Myanmar's "Buddhist" genocide)

We are a great nation of "Buddhist" Myanmar
We send our waves of Metta for World Peace
We boast about our Oxonian Nobel Lady
who was once a (vastly mistaken) global icon of peace.

Hey, we ain't ordinary nation.
With countless Buddhist temples and pagodas
We ARE the proud children of this Golden Land
the land full of mass graves and unending fraternal wars.

So, we ain't scared of your sanctions
Don't expect us to share our Buddhist Metta with those Rohinya, nah, Bengali viruses!

No Metta for the alien invaders.
Zero. Nil.

We praise our lordship - President Thein Sein - for his wise policy of ''two child for Bengali'
Our President-gyi is ably advised by our genocidal Shan Princess Lady Yin Yin Nwe
She ain't no ordinary woman either,
Former head of UNICEF in China and poshly educated at Cambridge.

With men and women of world class caliber
We ain't scared of your feeble American sanctions.

How dare you liberals tell us Myanmar Buddhists
what to do about the "Bengali"!??:
we entrust the matter in Immigration Minister Nwa Khin Yi
aided and abetted by his Nwa Adviser the Cornellian Dr Kyaw Yin Hlaing

No, we won't share our food with them - not even their infants.

Don't waste your time harping on Rohingya citizenship.
1982 Citizenship Act is for eternity
Ethnicity is what we say it is.

Be pragmatic like UNICEF.
Say, "Sorry for saying Rohingya".
Pay your rent to ex-generals
If you really want to save our children.

Be smart like Norway and its Minister Solheim.
Take the corporate contracts - for Telenor and Statoil
Stay off Rohingya genocide.

Oslo knows there is no end in sight for Myanmar's "Buddhist" genocide.
Reforms may be reversible, but mass atrocities are not.

Not even Gotama Buddha can save the Rohingya
from these Myamar's genocidaires.
We are tourist-friendly "Buddhists"
But don't mistake our smiles for Buddhist Metta.
We take no shit from nobody.
We may even be worse than your deadliest tropical snakes.
Our cruelty and depravity know no bounds.

How dare you lecture us on Buddhist Metta.
We are the Buddhists who don't give a shit about Buddhism.
Who cares about Nirvana!??

In monks, we trust.
They are our moral compass.
Men with shaven heads in Saffron robes
Our President Thein Sein says they are 'peace loving sons of Lord Buddha'

These Holy Men raise us on genocidal hatred.
They teach us the virtues of Nazish racial purity.
Our generals say our national security is at stake.
And they agree.

So, our sovereignty comes before Bengali human rights.

Our President says he will make us legally Nazi Buddhists
That is our inalienable right.

Our Lady of Latter-Day Silence denies, "there is no 'ethnic cleansing' in Burma".

Our feisty multi-ethnic feminists may stand up for their vaginal rights.

But we are all united in our 'Bengali" genocide!

Zarni, 10 June 2014

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