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Rakhine Extremists Try To Terrorize Baggona And Duchiradan Rohingya Villages

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June 19, 2014

Maungdaw, Arakan – Two groups of Rakhine extremists tried to terrorize Rohingya villages named Baggona and Duchiradan in Southern Maungdaw Township of Arakan State.

Today at 8:45 pm a group of Rakhine extremists from Bawdigone and Kanthayar villages which are nearby Baggona village in Southern Maungdaw Township have entered Baggona west hamlet, holding swords and sticks. As Rohingya villagers drove them out from the village the extremist group took refuge in Border Guard Police outpost which is situated in Baggona village. Then the Border Guard Police opened fire onto sky twice to protect the extremist group, according to a local.

As the Baggona village was under a serious situation many Rohingya villagers fled from the village to escape the expected violence. They could return their homes after four trucks load of security personnel arrived from Maungdaw downtown. 

Similarly at 9 pm another group of Rakhine extremists from Kin Chaung hamlet of Duchiradan village track was collaborating with Border Guard Police and tried to terrorize Duchiradan east hamlet. There were about 100 people, both Rakhine extremists and Border Guard Police. However the Rohingya villagers from Nurullah and Duchiradan east hamlet drove them away and they could not implement their plan in attacking Rohingyas.

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