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BROUK Holds 2nd Commemoration Of Rohingya Genocide In Arakan

RB News
June 12, 2014

The 2nd commemoration of Rohingya Genocide in Arakan event was held in London last Friday. The event was organised by Burmese Rohingya Organisation UK and more than 100 people attended including Burmese Muslim Association Members, Dr Maung Zarni from London School of Economics, Mark Farmener, Director of the Burma Campaign UK, Ko Aung from 88 Generations and Mr Nurul Islam, Chairman of the Arakan Rohingya National Organisation.

BROUK General Secretary Ahamed Jarmal who is one of the main organisers of event told RB News: "This event is “2nd COMMEMORATION OF ROHINGYA GENOCIDE IN ARAKAN” to give our remembrances to those who died and who were still suffering due to the pre planned attack on the Rohingya and other Muslims of Burma. We want our children to remember how our Rohingya Brothers and sisters were brutally killed and raped by Rakhine extremists and security forces.

Aye Nu Saynuwara, joint secretary of BROUK hosted as master of ceremory of the event. The event started with the recitation of verses from the Holy Quran. 

BROUK President Tun Khin gave short speech with chronological orders how Rohingyas are facing genocide in Arakan. He said “Our young generations are most important to move forward for our struggle and we must bring them together with us. So we are here to educate them in this gathering".

Dr. Maung Zarni included his apologies in his speech on behalf of Buddhist community in Myanmar for the attacks on Rohingyas. He said that the main problem is the military government and they are abusing the Rohingyas. He highlighted that as Rakhines were dreaming for an independent state. The government made them be against Rohingyas. (Full speech of Dr. Maung Zarni can be watched below.)

Former School teacher Daw Khin Hla spoke on how Rohingya women are facing serious difficulties in Sittwe and other parts of Arakan. She highlighted not to forget the women and Rohingya women have to put much effort to regain their lost rights.

A Poem was also shown with the video slide show specially dedicated to the 2nd COMMEMORATION OF ROHINGYA GENOCIDE by Ridhawaana Jarmal, author of “Guardians of the Bookshelf Dimension”.

Ko Kyaw Zwa spoke about how Unity is important for all Muslims of Burma.

Mark Farmaner, Director of Burma Campaign UK mentioned about what should the international community do and how can we make them do it. He also urged Rohingya community in UK to write to their MPs and show solidarity with Rohingyas.

During the event a video was shown by Rohingya Blogger 2012 Muslim Massacre in Sittwe video obtained from the reliable source.

88 Generations Leader Ko Aung have mentioned about his visit in Bangladesh -Burma Border refugees situation and his feeling how his fellow Rohingya citizens of Burma suffering in refugee camps in Bangladesh.

Ko Aung said: "When I see them (Rohingya refugees) I feel very sorry myself, coming from Burma. I feel very strongly that we should all stand up for those who live in a very inhumane way in these refugee camps" he went on to say: "Burma is the very first country to sign the Universal Declaration for Human Rights. This (citizenship) law is totally against the agreement in which they signed. So this citizenship law must be abolished."

Chairman of Arakan Rohingya National Organisation (ARNO) Mr Nurul Islam pinpointed Series of anti-Muslim propaganda or campaigns have long been carried out by successive military regimes and non-state actors, particularly extremist Buddhist Rakhine, which resulted in Muslim or Rohingya genocide in 2012 for the second time since the 1942 Muslim massacre in Arakan. He also mentioned the Rohingya are dubbed as illegal immigrants and all levels of people, including President Thein Sein, and RNDP led by Dr. Aye Maung, wanted their expulsion from the country as a solution. This is total racism, Islamophobia, atrocity, crimes that aim at destroying the whole Rohingya people in particular. According to international criminal law, all of them are guilty of committing international crimes.

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