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Rohingya refugees protest against killing of Muslims in Myanmar

May 8, 2014

Nizamudin is lawyer by profession but he has been denied credentials back in Myanmar because of being a Muslim. But he, like many others, expresses gratitude to India for giving shelter to people with no identity.

At the same time, he urges the Indian government to get involved in their plight. This poor man, himself, is out on the streets to protest against the suffering of Muslims back home. It was a hot summer day as usual but Hundreds of Rohingiya Muslims made their way to India’s protest hub - the Jantar Mantar - where they staged a day long protest against the innocent killings of Muslims back in Myanmar. 

Most of them see the unrest as an ethnic cleaning backed by the Myanmar government. Many Rohingya Muslims have been killed since clashes began in the western state of Rakhine in Myanmar, and many others are missing or have displaced due to ongoing conflict. Bibi Marium is mother of two children and she calls herself most unfortunate. With tears in her eyes, she shares her experience back in Myanmar. 

The hardship faced by Rohingya refugees seems to be so severe that even the aid programs by the U-N refugee agency are failing. While the world community remains a mute spectator, Rohingyas are being forced to leave their homeland, Myanmar.

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