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Myanmar Military Regiment Deputy Commander Tortures, Hacks And Extorts Money From A Rohingya

Mohammed Jaker

RB News 
May 15, 2014

Sittwe, Arakan – Deputy Commander of Regiment 354, Major Myint Naing based in Sittwe of Arakan State tortured and hacked a Rohingya and extorted money from him.

Mohammed Jaker S/o Arnu Miah used to live in Sat Yone Su Ward, Block 10 before the violence erupted in Sittwe in June 2012. He used to work at Shwe Nagar gold shop owned by a Rakhine, Tun Myint. While he was working there a Rohingya lady namely Fatimah who lives in Bawdupha village lent some money amounting to 4.8 million kyat to the gold shop owner. Tun Myint and Jaker had to sign as witness for that deal. After the violence, Jaker had to move to Bawdupha refugee camp. Later he was offered to work as gold seller in Bawdupha camp in the village by his previous employer Tun Myint. So he agreed and carried out his job as a gold seller. 

He met Fatimah in the camp several times and she annoyed him to get back her money from the gold shop owner. Jaker conveyed her message to his employer Tun Myint. Tun Myint was insisting to make the payment by installment as a monthly 0.5 million. However Fatimah didn’t agree and informed about her problem to Regiment 354 Deputy Commander Major Myint Naing. Major Myint Naing summoned Jaker instead of summoning the gold shop owner Tun Myint. Jaker was arrested while he was coming to meet Major Tun Myint and was brought to the administration office that's situated in Bawdupha camp. Then he was brutally tortured for four hours and hacked by Major Myint Naing. 

Regiment Deputy Commander Major Myint Naing

Moreover he was forced to pay the 4.8 million kyat to Fatimah by Major Myint Naing. Additionally he was firstly forced to pay 1 million to Major Myint Naing but later the Major agreed to take 0.3 million as extortion. As Jaker hasn’t enough money he had to borrow it from his friends and relatives in the camp and settle all to free himself from the brutal tortures of Major Myint Naing. 

Although he has nothing to do with the problem between Fatimah and the gold shop owner Tun Myint, Major Myint Naing forced him to do so. It is only unjustly done and the locals said Major Myint Naing has been torturing the Rohingyas and extorting the money for a long time.

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