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Myanmar Navy Extorting Fuel from Rohingya Villagers in Sin Tet Maw, Pauktaw

Sin Tet Maw, Pauktaw

RB News 
April 27, 2014 

Pauktaw, Arakan – A Myanmar navy ship has been extorting fuel from the Rohingya villagers in Sin Tet Maw village in Pauktaw Township of Arakan State for the past three months, according to locals. 

A Myanmar navy ship registered as No. 105 arrived to Sin Tet Maw village in Pauktaw Township three months ago. Since the ship arrived the navy officers have ordered the villagers who have engine-powered boats to give 3 gallons of petrol at the end of every month. On top of the 3 gallons of petrol they’ve reportedly demanded fish from these residents as well. 

“The ship arrived here exactly the same day as the violence erupted in Duchiradan. Already over three months now we have been giving 3 gallons of petrol and some fishes every month. We are unable to avoid as we are helpless here and no one is going to talk in our favor.” a Rohingya villager from Sin Tet Maw told RB News

The villagers in Sin Tet Maw are like in prison since the violence erupted in October 2012. They can’t move anywhere and they are completely dependent on fishing for food and income. The village has about 100 engine powered boats. The navy officers are extorting the petrol from them and then selling them back at the current price. A gallon of petrol costs about Kyat 7,000.

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