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Intimidation, Fake Enumeration Continues On Rohingya People In Yangon And Other Places

By Huson Salm
RB Article
April 6, 2014

• There have been constant complaints from every corner of the country, particularly from Yangon city and that of the surrounding area. Nowadays, The Rohingyas who originated from Arakan state have been residing in every corner of the country. Many of whom are residing in Yangon and its suburbs. Threats and intimidation by enumerators and their combined team are different from one place to another. 

• In Kyauktada township, located downtown, where there are Rakhine Blood as heads of the block administrators, Rohingyas are not capable of fulfilling their accurate data, particularly at ‘Race’ tally. The enumerators are usually not wishing to fill that tally for those who confess themselves as ‘Rohingya’, saying there is a direction from high ranking authority not to write ‘Rohingya’ in the census. Then, most of the enumerators do not have a sympathetic will and spirit and the respondents are being annoyed by the impolite and overwhelming deed of the enumerators as they are ever acting as super high ranking officials to Rohingya respondents. 

• The day to day enumeration process which was completed everywhere in the country could not be real data because all respondents later realize that the data which was collected and is being collected from door to door are usually altered in the Block administrative office or ‘Ya-Ya-Kha’ offices with combined forces. 

• On 3.4.2014, in Pabaydan Township, the enumerators arrived in a house which is owned by a Rohingya Muslim. The owner, having heard and experienced the enumerators’ irregularities and upper handedness on the Rohingya families during the enumeration process, provided a delicious breakfast to the enumerators then asked about the race whether or not they (enumerators) could fill up as per the respondents. Soon, the enumerators responded they could not agree to fill up the same because they said they are directed by the higher officers not to register ‘Rohingyas’.

• Similarly, on the same day, in some houses in Botataung Township, none of the Rohingyas were registered as Rohingyas by the enumerators. The enumerators sometimes asked irrelevant questions to the respondents about the existence of Rohingya's history and that of their documents. 

• In Minglataung Nyunt township, in 94th street, a middle aged Rohingya woman was blatantly denied to register as Rohingya by the combined enumerators which is sometimes reinforced with police, fire brigade volunteers and block administrative members. She was told by a concerned enumerator to fill up the name ‘Rohingya’ at administrative office only in front of the combined forces.

• On 3/4/2014, a remarkable incident occurred in Thaketa Township at Anawmaa quarter, where thousand Rohingyas are residing from Anawmaa street 1-16. At least 20 elderly Rohingyas from those streets were summoned by township administrator (military officer) Bogyi Saan Min ( Mobile 09-49219532), township immigration officer U Min Naung and Block administrative head U Tin Sein (Mobile 09-5162568) at No.1 Anawmaa block administrative office at 8:30 pm. 

• Then, Township administrator delivered a speech to the audience that – he does not accept the label ‘Rohingya’ and if anyone confess that name – he/she be arrested -- their belongings would be confiscated-- NRCs and household list would be torn into pieces-- and at last the confessed Rohingyas be boarded on a ship and be dispatched to the original location which meaning Rakhine state, from where Rohingyas shifted to Yangon for 50, 60 years ago etc..

• There are many problems, which are related census discrepancies, threat, eviction, and arson in HleGue township. Elsewhere, where there are more or less Rohingyas people; the tricked, dirty enumeration taken by the enumerators will be going to continue as per the direction of president’s multi secret agents. Innocent people believe there will be more unilateral violence by the Buddhist ultranationalists against Rohingyas in Arakan state as well as in Burma in the future.

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