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The Fire from Dar Paing, passing by Duchiradan, to Sin Thay Pyin

Duchiradan Middle hamlet after the fire on March 9, 2014

Qutub Shah 
RB Opinion 
March 10, 2014

A fire burning on March 8, 2014 in Dar Paing Village of Sittwe caused approximately 40 households burnt to ashes and and 362 Rohingya homeless.

The next day, March 9, 2014, another fire broke out in Duchiradan that burnt down 11 homes, one shop and one mosque. Reportedly, the fire broke out 20 minutes after two motorbikes entered the village.

Today the villagers of Sin Thay Pyin village have come suddenly upon a fire on Rashidullah s/o Murshedullah’s house at around 1:00 pm. The fire burnt 40 houses from Sin Thay Pyin and 72 houses from the neighboring village, Phan Myaung. The fire moved from one house to another quickly. The tragedy made around 200 families homeless. No death is recorded except the huge loses of properties and belongings. Normally in this kind of rural region accidental fire burns one to two houses. 

Remote control Fire

As mentioned, the fire at Duchiradan broke out after two motorcyclists entered into the village. In the same way, today at Sin Thay Pyin, the villagers saw some Rakhine motorcyclists moving to and fro before the incident, holding remote control devices. In addition, the way of fire moved from house to house with an equal period of time apposed to one after another. Also, the firewood cutters saw some Rakhine youth at the nearby forest yesterday. The fire spread with a speed that it was impossible to extinguish. Though the I houses are apart from each other. All of the signs prove that it was not an accidental fire but preplanned.

Current incidences and 2014 Census

The granting freedom of writing “Rohingya” as the ethnicity name in the coming census has shocked the Rakhine. As the government is granting much freedom to these Rohingyas which is not supposed to be given. As the RNDP Aye Maung has expressed his anger to this and threatened directly that giving this kind of freedom to Rohingyas is a threat to the stability of the state. It was an indirect denotation to what happens nowadays.

In conclusion, these frequent disasters are Aye Maung’s conspiracy to prevent the government to take back the Rohingyas right to choose their ethnic name as their own. The Rohingyas have to be aware of possibility of more tragedies occurring.

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