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Protect the Rohingya's Report: Hear Our Screams, Making A Case For The Rohingya Genocide

By Protect the Rohingya

Protect the Rohingya, a South African based awareness organisation that advocates for the rights of the Rohingya, and the Muslim Lawyers Association of South Africa have co-authored a report on behalf of the Rohingya which they call, ‘Hear Our Screams, Making a case for the Rohingya Genocide’.

The information is structured in relation to the eight stages of genocide, as proposed by Gregory H. Stanton on Genocide Watch[1]. The facts presented within the eight stages are analysed normatively within the framework of the international law on genocide. 
The outcome is that, amid an atmosphere of extermination, a genocide against the Rohingya is both probable and possibly already underway. 

The report contains maps of the areas affected by the violence, a historical overview of the conflict followed by an exposition of the legal instruments pertaining to genocide within the framework of international law and a detailed presentation of the brutal conditions the Rohingya are subjected to. 

This report is based on locally sourced information and numerous reports by human rights organisations and articles and presents both an update to previous reports outlining the risks of an imminent genocide against the Rohingya and a detailed analysis of the developments leading to genocide[2]

In conclusion, the report includes practical steps by which this imminent genocide against the Rohingya may be averted as well as calls to the United Nations, international community and the Burmese authorities to take immediate and effective action if genocide is to be averted. 

[1] An earlier article using this approach is to be found at

[2] A good collection of prior reports is to be found at


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