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Police and Military Torture and Arrest Two Rohingyas In Maungdaw For Claiming Rohingya

RB News
March 31, 2014 

Maungdaw, Arakan – The police and military have been torturing two Rohingyas from Phaung Saik hamlet in Tha Man Thar village tract of Maungdaw Township in Arakan state since 8 am this morning according to locals. 

Today at 8 am a group of enumerators arrived to Phaung Saik hamlet in Tha Man Thar village tract along with 15 Hlun Htaine police and 15 military men. Although the group has to conduct the census by visiting house by house according to the rule of census, they brought all villagers in one place and asked the people to raise their hands up if there anyone who is going to claim Rohingya. All people put their hands up once they were asked. A Rohingya man was then pulled from the crowd by police, and another was pulled by a captain from military. Both Rohingya men were asked who instructed them to claim Rohingya. The men responded that they are Rohingyas by birth, and that their forefathers are Rohingyas. 

Both of the men were seriously beaten by police and military men in front of the crowd. Then they were brought to the high school located in the village and they were placed into wooden stocks. The military captain who beat the Rohingya men is from Battalion No. (536). The men are still being torturing by the military and police as we compile the report. The names of the men are: Bodi Alam S/o Abu Alam and Habas Ahmed S/o Alimodon.

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