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Interrogation ongoing for MP U Shwe Maung in Naypyidaw

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February 3, 2014

Naypyidaw – According to information from Naypyidaw the parliament speaker Thura U Shwe Mann and Minister for Home Affair have meeting with Rohingya MP U Shwe Maung who has been targeted by President Thein Sein to be arrested for speaking the truth to the media.

“Today, parliament speaker Thura U Shwe Mann and Minister for Home Affair Lt. General Ko Ko met MP U Shwe Maung in Naypyidaw. I learned from my source in Naypyidaw police department that the interrogation by police will be done within Tuesday or Wednesday. Actually the meeting with the speaker and minister was planned to be held yesterday but it was postponed.” said a Rohingya activist Nay San Lwin.

“Whatever told by U Shwe Maung to DVB wasn’t an accusation. He is representing the people. It is his duty to listen the people's voices. It is his right to convey what the people reported to him. The government has to rebut if they are right. It is not good for MPs in Myanmar if the government sues him for speaking truth.” he added. 

A 55-year-old Rohingya woman, Laila informed the authority about the blaze set up by police in Duchiradan west hamlet. She was killed the next day and up to now the dead body hasn’t been returned to her family. There are more eyewitnesses who said they saw the police starting the fire. 

Although the European country's diplomats went there for an investigation, up to now no news has been released. Even the people in the village reported to them all about the mass killing. The National Human Rights Commission of Myanmar had a meeting with the people and they were also informed. All but the delegate head Sit Myaing lied as if he hadn't been reported the killing, although the people gave him a death list of 52. 

The truth of the mass killing and arson attack in Duchiradan can only be transparent if the international investigation team is allowed to get in. Myanmar government will keep denying it and they will harm whoever speaks the truth.

“The government dares to shot monks. Rohingyas are the most oppressed ethnic group in the world. Shooting Rohingyas and setting fire on Rohingyas’ homes by police is just a small matter for them. President Thein Sein has been targeting MP U Shwe Maung since 2012 for speaking truth to media. It won’t be good for the reputation of the USDP party if parliament speaker U Shwe Mann allows issuing the arrest warrant. So far the arrest warrant hasn’t been issued yet according to Naypyidaw source but for sure the interrogation ongoing. It is unclear whether the parliament speaker signed to issue arrest warrant or not.”

  1. This is another example of injustice of the govt to silence the truth of what's happening on the ground in West Arakan. This is no doubt the daredevil burmese regime is playing a pivotal role of the act of state sponsored terrorism exposing to the world that it can do what it likes. They are eradicating and trying to minimize the demographic picture of the Rohingyas and leave no Rohingyas alive in their homeland. And we visage no super power or the UN has the political will to rescue the worst persecution going on in daily basis in Arakan. May the Almighty Allah forbids any harm to our Rohingya hero,
    He will always be a Martyr and a living legend in the heart and soul of our Rohingyas. May Allah the Almighty save him from the Jaws of the cruel rule of burmese law.. And the International community should never forgive this act of barbarity or this show trial to silence the truth and justice. U Shwe Maung is entitled to represent his constituency for which he is elected, to make the voices of his constituency be heard, And Thein Sein's govt has granted the right to freedom of speech.They should not be lawmakers and the lawbreakers at the same time and nobody is above the law Then why this going on investigation of MP U Shwe Maung in Naypyidaw. He has spoken the truth. Is it a crime to speak the truth ? Why not investigate and prosecute AP, the world media and the UN for defamation if it is a crime to write the truth and speak the truth..Or your arm of law is not long enough to reach them. . I believe that the International Community will never rest in peace and remain silent, turn a blind eye and a deaf ear if injustice happens to our national hero.

  2. I think,the hole world are monitoring MP U Shwe Moung s` interrogation ongoing in Nayphyidaw. It is just because of he said truth , he also said other point in same interview.So the public selected him for public service,so public voice is his voice , He is a great human,he really feel his people`s pain and he is really honest for his nation , God bless him.By the mercy of God he and other MPs will save .

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