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A Private Teacher Extorted On False Accusation By Hlun Htaine Police

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February 9, 2014

Maungdaw, Arakan – A private teacher from Myoma South ward of Maungdaw Township in Arakan state was extorted on a false accusation by Hlun Htaine police.

On February 8, 2014 at 9:30am 29-year-old Mamed Sohod S/o U Sawlam was on the way to his home from a house not very far where he teaches some primary school students. He is a "tuition teacher" privately teaching a select number of students to make ends meet. He was arrested by 10 Hlun Htaine police and was brought to outpost in Bo Hmuu village which is located in east side of Myoma South ward. Mamed Sohod was falsely accused of using a Bangladesh mobile phone and had been demanded to pay 500,000 kyats. 

Farous Khan, a member of Myoma South ward administration followed the case and explained the Hlun Htaine that Mamed Sohod is a poor man surviving as private tuition teacher by teaching some primary school students. He requested to the Hlun Htaine to release the arrestee based on humanitarian grounds. The Hlun Htaine told him that they will only release him if their demand is fulfilled. They threatened him in several ways. They told him he could complain to any authority he wanted if he is not satisfied with their demand. At the end Mamed Sohod had to pay 110,000 kyats and got released. Mamed Sohod was forced to sign a letter stating that the Hlun Htaine didn’t do anything to him and then released.

The Hlun Htaine base in Bo Hmuu village have no responsibility to patrol in Myoma South ward but they enter there frequently and disturb the people who are moving around at night before curfew time. The Hlun Htaine base is nearby the road that goes to Maung Ni village. They are torturing and extorting money from the people who are passing the outpost at night before the curfew goes into affect.

MYARF contributed in reporting.

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