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Rohingya Demonstrations in UK demanded to stop Genocide against Rohingyas and to support Urgent UN Humanitarian Intervention in Arakan

January 23, 2014

Burmese Rohingya Organisation UK (BROUK) organised demonstrations in front of Burmese Embassy and British Foreign and Commonwealth Office to stop genocide against Rohingyas and particularly recent killing and raping on Rohingyas in Du Chee Yar Tan Village,Maungdaw Arakan State. 

BROUK President Tun Khin host as a master of ceremony at the demonstration more than 80 people joined including some journalists and Medias. During the demonstration Mr Nurul Islam, President of Arakan Rohingya National Organisation , Kyaw Zwa and Kyaw Win from Burmese Muslims Association, Ko Aung from 88 Generation Leader, Matthew Jones from Christian Solidarity Worldwide, Mark from Friends of Burma gave short speech at the demonstrations.

Mr Nurul Islam pointed out at the event Rakhine Buddhists with the security forces are once again carrying out genocide on the Rohingya population in spite of clamours for justice, tolerance and protection. Since 13th January Du Chee Yar Tan has been confined on all sides by the security forces turning the village a “killing field”. At least 100 Rohingya villagers are believed to have been killed and many more missing. Most of them are women and children. Moreover he mentioned that Experts in international law have warned that all 8 stages of genocide are in play in the case of Rohingya. The civil-military hybrid government of Thein Sein is fully responsible for allowing such a former Yugoslavia-like genocide. 

Speakers from Burmese Muslim Association and Christian Solidarity worldwide mentioned their solidarity with Rohingyas and encouraged participants to continue their efforts to save innocent Rohingya people’s lives.

88 Generation Leader Ko Aung showed his sympathy towards Rohingyas how such a human beings facing persecution under of Brutal Thein Sein Regime. He encouraged to continue strong effort to put pressure on Regime.

In front of Burmese Embassy participants shouted with slogans demand from Burmese government to end forthwith all killings and violence in Du Chee Yar Tan and other Rohingya areas, release all men, women and children seized and arrested, and allow all displaced people to get into their homes with full security. 

The participants continually joined at the demonstration in front British Foreign and Commonwealth Office and demanded 

1. To form a UN commission of inquiry into Du Chee Yar Tan massacre and all other genocidal onslaughts for true findings and to bring the perpetrators to the book.

2. Urgent humanitarian intervention in order to prevent further deaths and destruction and to save the life, property, honour and dignity of Rohingya where the government is the perpetrator.

Photo Album can be viewed here: Demonstration in London

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