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Additional Death List From Duchiradan

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January 29, 2014

Maungdaw, Arakan – Before January 13, 2014 eight innocent Rohingyas, who were on their way to work in Maungdaw, were caught while passing through Mayu hills. They were later killed by Duchiradan village administer Aung Zan Phyu, police sergeant Aung Kyaw Thein, and Rakhine extremists. When some villagers learned of where the corpses may have been disposed of the village administrator and sergeant Aung Kyaw Thein tried to conceal the location. When the villagers retrieved a body from the mass grave on January 13th they were searched. During which a young girl was violently raped. This led to more violence and the fatal shootings of 13 Rohingya villagers. By the morning of January 14th the police and military had driven the villagers out of Duchiradan, killing as many as they could in the process. 

Many local residents of Duchiradan have said that while international press and NGOs have reported 40 Rohingya deaths the real death toll could be more than 200. The residents say that they do not trust the inquiry commission that Burma’s government is going to send. An accurate death toll could be recorded if an international investigation was allowed to take place without Myanmar’s interference. 

The death list recently updated by the villagers is:

(1) Shaungyida D/o Bawsir Ahmed (50-years-old) 
(2) Salim Bahar S/o Abdul Amin (42-years-old) 
(3) Tuhida Khatoo D/o Nazir Ahmed (60-years-old) 
(4) Fatima Zura W/o Rahimullah (32-years-old) 
(5) Nur Sabah D/o Rahimullah (2 and half year old) 
(6) Nur Jaan D/o Abdu Zabor (20-years-old) 
(7) Rawzuma D/o Rashid Ahmed (40-years-old)

Although about 500 women and children returned to the village since 23rd of this month, the men are unable to return due to fear of torture and arrest by the authorities. 

The return of any more refugees is further hampered since the west hamlet of Duchiradan was set fire by police and Rakhine extremists last night. The remaining people taking refuge in other villages are too scared to return. 

The previous death list can be found here

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