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US committee approves a draft resolution for ending persecution of Rohingya minority

December 12, 2013

A United States committee has approved a resolution urging Myanmar to stop maltreatment of Rohingya ethnic minority living in Burma 

Washington - The U.S. House Subcommittee on Asia and the Pacific has approved a draft resolution which urges the government of Burma to end the persecution of the Rohingya people, mostly in the western Rakhine state. 

Introduced to the committee on November 18, 2013, the resolution was approved at the 1st Session of 113th Congress on Dec. 11 which was headed by Steve Chabot, US Representative for Ohio's 1st Congressional District. 

The resolution H. Res. 418 also urges the government of Burma to respect internationally recognized human rights for all ethnic and religious minority groups within Burma. 

For the final approval of the resolution, it should be ratified firstly by United States House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee and then by General Assembly of US House of Representatives. 

In addition, Ami Bera, a member of the U.S. House representing the 7th Congressional District of California, also called for an end from the government for ongoing persecution against Rohingya Muslims.

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