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Rakhine Police Torture a Rohingya and Extort Kyat 1 Million

By MYARF and Maung Aurther 
RB News 
December 3, 2013

Maungdaw, Arakan: Rakhine Police from Maungdaw Police station arrested an innocent Rohingya from Quarter 5 of Maungdaw on 29th December 2013. He was tortured for one day at the Police Station so as to extort Kyat 1 Million. 

"At 7:30PM on 29th Novemeber 2013, Rakhine Police from Maungdaw Police Station arbitrarily arrested Lalu (son of) Fazal from West Hamlet of Quarter 5 of Maungdaw under false accusation of involving in the violence in June 2012. He was detainted and tortured in the police station for one day. 

And around 12:30PM on 30th Novemeber 2013, Police released him having extorted Kyat 1 Million. He runs a small business of Bamboo-Trading and a bamboo shop in the village. His house was burnt down by Rakhine terrorists in June 2012. He has to still live in a fragile tent built within his house premise" said a Rohingya in Maungdaw. 

"It is an opens-secret that the violence has been state-sponsored and against Rohingyas and other Muslims only. The degree that Rakhine suffered during the violence in June 2012 is very very minimal in comparison to the sufferings of Muslims. Yet, Rakhine authority arrest and torture innocent Rohingyas and extort money from them under the banner of incitement of violence. It is extremely cruel and unjust" he added.

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