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BRAJ celebrates Children Education Program in Japan

By BRAJ Team
RB News
December 9, 2013

Burmese Rohingya Association in Japan (BRAJ) has celebrated an event of Children Education Program on 8 December 2013 in Tatebayashi City Hall Japan at 1:30pm-5:00pm and this program is conducted in accordance with the BRAJ annual fixed programs where various kinds of community development agendas were incorporated. Actually, this program aims to bring some changes in the community and since 1994  BRAJ members have been struggling to have a peaceful society in abiding Japanese Laws and respecting its culture under the BRAJ Administration policy of Unity, Recognition, Legislation, Policy Implementation and Fulfilling Assigned Responsibilities.

We have marched to celebrate this program with a very important message to all displaced Rohingya Community around the world that“Today’s Children are tomorrow’s leaders” if it is stated in the Rohingya language it would be “Ajjar Fuain Haillar Soddar”. In our own country we, Rohingyas, are deprived from pursuing higher education Since the new Burma Citizenship law in 1982, the Rohingya students are denied the right to education. It is problematic to pursue higher studies while professional courses are barred to them. Rohingya students who stood in selection tests and got formal admission in various institutions located in Rangoon or Burma proper are unable to pursue their studies as they are not allowed to travel because they are denied citizenship.

Even in the third country where we are living our children are not barred from higher education, for instance, in Japan we are not the citizen of Japan but our children are absolutely allowed to have higher studies in any university or Institution. But we have to keep in mind that “ is my child born as Rohingya and am I responsible to teach him who we are, what is our mother tongue”, if not who is your child racially? Any child born from a Rohingya parents must be a Rohingya wherever he is, and the parents and the community are the most responsible to have an atmosphere where he can proudly say “I belong to Rohingya Community”.

In this regard we had a celebration and a great moment for all the children and their parents to have an access of who am I and what is my responsibility? Am I be a Rohingya just declaring that I am a Rohingya? The children and the students are very much valuable in any country or any community because they are their future leaders such as some will serve as doctors, engineers or some as politicians or leaders. And everybody is responsible to teach them their religion as well as the community he/she belongs to and the language his/her forefathers established to communicate each other, and this is the language the engineer MR. Mohhammed Siddque invented for all Rohingyas. BRAJ started to teach Rohingya Language by opening Rohingya Language School on 31 August 2013, until now we have 18 Rohingya students learning Rohingya language. 110 Rohingyas and Muslims (including family members) together with the students of Madarasah Salamiyah, 30 students are presented in the program with their parents.

The main objectives of this program are the commemoration of their true religion, race, language, culture and encourage them to have more enthusiasm in their mother-tongue Rohingya. The program was opened by reciting Surah of Al-Quran and BRAJ president Mr. Haroon Rashid delivered his opening speech and the Imam of Masjid Salamat explained about the importance of children education in terms of religion and community development and conducted his program he had prepared for his students. Mr. Mohammed Salim moderated the event and BRAJ Secretary-General Mr. Syedul Amin talked about the history of Rohingya Language and its importance and conducted his Rohingya Language programs he has prepared for his students. 30 students from Madarasha Salamiyah and Rohingya School are awarded for their performance in their respective subjects and 3 special prizes are given to 3 students of Salamiyah for their excellent scores, an outstanding student is also given a special prize for Rohingya studies.

  1. The Japan child education program is concept is very knowledgeable to all of us for the education. Because, if we are all alert about our child education we must be get success like global writings

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