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A Pharmacy Set Fire In Ngakura, Northern Maungdaw By Rakhines

RB News 
December 17, 2013

Maungdaw, Arakan – A pharmacy in Ngakura village tract market in Northern Maungdaw Township of Arakan State was set fire by a group of unknown Rakhines at 7 am today. 

The pharmacy is owned by Kamal Ahmed and is situated in the market of Ngakura Village Tract in Northern Maungdaw Township. The shop was set fire by unknown Rakhines group at 7 am today and the villagers put the fire out by breaking through the door of the shop when they noticed that it was was on fire. 

The villagers found a reel of wire burning by the shop which wasn't placed there by the shop's owner. After the villagers put out the fire, the authorities came and arrested the owner without questioning. According to the villagers, the owner of the shop lost about 400,000 kyats in this fire. 

This afternoon a group of Rakhines, strangers to the the area, arrived in Myo Thit Rakhine hamlet of Ngakura Village Tract. The Rohingya villagers said this fire would be organized by those Rakhine strangers. Normally there is peace in most of the villages except for the torturing and extortion by authorities. However, whenever unknown Rakhines come there are arson attacks or robberies in the region.

MYARF contributed in reporting. 

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