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Rohingyas Concerned More Attacks Could Be Triggered Soon In Northern Arakan

RB News 
November 24, 2013 

Maungdaw, Arakan – An extremist Rakhine group razed the municipal market and an ancient mosque in Maungdaw Township of Arakan State on Saturday night. Four shops were burnt down and more than twenty shops were looted. 

Local residents in Maungdaw said the terror network of Rakhines consist about 300 members. As it was preplanned and collaborated with local authorities, the electricity was blacked out although it must be in service from 6 pm to 10 pm as per the schedule in the region. After the fire brigade arrived, the electricity came back in service at 7:40 pm. The security forces arrived later at about 8 pm. The telecommunication was incommunicado when the fire started and came back in service at the same time as the electricity. 

There was confrontation between Rakhine terror group and security forces till 9:15 pm. The group left the market and went to torch the ancient mosque situated on the main road between 3rd Miles and Myo Thu Gyi village tract. Although local Rohingyas tried to save the precious mosque from the evil attack, reportedly the police didn’t allow them to do so. Finally the mosque was burnt into ashes. The Rakhine terror group tried to torch the village as well but they couldn’t implement the plan. 

Rakhines could do anything freely. The Rakhines confronted the security personnel. They weren’t arrested. Instead the authorities arrested a shop owner who lost a shop in arson attack on Saturday. The victim didn’t even open the shop on Saturday as he was sick. He was arrested unjustly. 

This morning many Rakhine thugs are entering into Rohingya villages by motorbikes to instigate. Rohingyas are worried that more attacks on them could be triggered soon. 

“They (Rakhines) have been instigating since the OIC delegation left from Maungdaw. Last Sunday (November 17, 2013) three Rakhines came to the “Famous” betel shop located in Quarter 4 with motorbikes and threw the stone into the shop. A Rohingya youth namely Rashidul Haque, 17-years-old got injuries on his head. Yesterday before the incident took place in the market, a Rakhine teacher Daw Oo Khin Hla called her Rohingya colleague and said that she saw some Rakhine extremists moving around and warned to keep extra care.” a Rohingya told RB News.

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