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Rohingyas affairs should only be solved at the United Nations Security Council’s table

Huson Salm
RB Opinion
November 24, 2013

It is learnt that Minister U Khin Yee, Ministry of Immigration and Population has a beautiful state plan to survey a ‘verification process’ in IDP camps and also to take part for the 2014 ‘census taking’ with the coordination of Rohingyas people in the ground – the motive to be seen as a good mood of Thein Sein regime and at the same time to avoid regional and international criticism against Myanmar government—that has been notoriously famous in the sight of international community for its random insult on several minority indigenous people, particularly helpless and vulnerable Rohingyas. 

Date on 19 November 2013, there was a unanimous United Nations Human Rights Council resolution, insisting to the government of Myanmar regarding oppressed Rohingyas people of Myanmar to grant and recognize them as the graceful citizens of the nation. But the UNHRC’s request was insolently rejected by the Ambassador of Myanmar to the United Nations and was additionally confirmed by Ye Htut, the Deputy Minister for Ministry Information and the spokesperson of the President Thein Sein. 

U Thein Sein regime, all Ministries and entire Rakhine people have been a propos for all the United Nations advice, suggestions, resolution, assertion and all sympathetic and sensitive determination of global dignitaries on Rohingyas have been as manure as of today. 

By secret support of Thein Sein regime to all destructive forces of the nation, every goodwill mission either from ASEAN community, United Nations, European Union or Organization of Islamic Conference was badly met with the bad-mannered welcome by the demonstrators during their visit along the nation – of them mainly the Islamic dignitaries and OIC’s concern.

To show off their (Rakhine) people bad commemoration on OIC’s visit and the United Nations Human Rights council’s resolution which adopted on November 19, 2013; Rakhine people from Maung Daw township have collaboratively burned more than (20) shops of Rohingyas’ in Maung Daw main market and a Mosque from (3) mile was burned too by nearby monks respectively, on 23 November 2013. 

Heads of Rakhine community of Maung Daw and police were very busy during the bazaar burning to save few Rakhine people’ shops and belongings from their shops while Rohingyas-- were totally being barred from entering into the market-- who seriously wanted to snatch as much belongings as they could from their being burnt shops which belongs to mostly Rohingyas. 

Under the guidance of the government of Thein Sein and fanatic Buddhism teaching of the terrorist monks across the nation, nowadays the majority of the Burmese are against the Rohingyas people who are naturally different from the majority Buddhists in religion, culture, custom and physical affinity; Rohingyas are seriously concerned about their free will of the statement of Rohingyas identity during the nationwide census taking in 2014 lest there would be followed widespread, multipurpose, and uncontrollable offensive demonstrations to make divert the object of the census into violence to mass Rohingyas targeted – and not to be able to write the word “Rohingyas” by the nationwide Rohingyas people - which is a dire need for the fate of Rohingyas existence. 

Myanmar, having been a member nation of the United Nations, it is bound to abide dutifully all the directions of the United Nations.

But the Thein Sein regime having been realized the international demand to release Daw Suu Kyi from house arrest and long terms jailed political prisoners, he has since been embolden by himself as if he has made a great satisfaction to the world powers and in return got a license to kill, torch, evict and wipe out all due and outstanding rights of helpless Rohingyas people in their homeland. 

Though all the administrative tools are in the hands of the Union Government to handle simply and honestly to the affairs of the state, seeing multiple atrocities and state level dishonesty on Rohingyas, we Rohingyas have no believe at all on government of Myanmar that it would fairly and squarely handle neither the nationwide census taking, citizenship process, restoration of all due rights which Rohingyas deserved, reconstruction, rehabilitation nor channel the peaceful coexistence for durable solution between and among communities at the absence of United Nations Higher Authorities or Peace Keeping forces as because government of Myanmar does not care or take any responsibility for safety and security of Rohingyas people in Myanmar. 

These days, not only U Thein Sein regime is obliged to protect U Than Shwe and his fellow cronies, who have exploited 80% of the nation’s wealth and kept secret leaving the people into the poorest in the world, from any danger falling to them by both internal and external power but also Thein Sein has carefully to handle the claim of 2008 constitutional amendment which may cause the collapse of military’s grasp in future Myanmar politics. 

Furthermore, It is widely assumed that mass people involved in countrywide constitutional amendment weep by NLD supporters may be sadistically divert into overall social destruction of Rohingyas both in Rakhine state and rest of the nation. Because most of the people of Myanmar have become more fanatic, extremist, and militant and the fundamentalist Myanmar Buddhists people would preferably favorite to bulldoze, tear down, demolish and blow up the Rohingyas lives in compare to amendment of 2008 constitution that may pay the way for Daw Suu Kyi to become president in this poorest ASEAN nation.

In this connection, seeing the largely negligence attitude of Thein Sein regime to agree to the international community’s demand, it has been totally hopeless from the site of Rohingyas that neither the demand of UNHRC’s demand will be paid attention to fulfill the necessity of Rohingyas to grant them as citizens of the nation in line principal of the Universality nor the 2014 nation-wide census process would be properly taken as per the standard of international norm. 

Therefore, not to be losing more and more lives again in near future as before, property damages and psychological frustration of the Rohingyas, Kaman and Myanmar Muslims in across the nation-- the effective, binding and the decisive resolution from the United Nations Security Council is seriously needed to save the innocent, helpless and vulnerable Rohingyas, Kaman and Myanmar Muslims from the great danger of Myanmar government as the UNSC is only solution for safety and security of the helpless and desperate people of the world.

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