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Mass Rohingyas killing is expected with a collision visit of world leaders to Myanmar

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Huson Salm
RB Opinion
November 18, 2013

Recently, a surprise visit of the United States former President Mr. Bill Clinton, the Great Britain former Prime Minister Mr. Tony Blair, Head of the European and OIC’s mission headed by Secretary General of OIC have visited to Myanmar with multiple political purposes respectively. 

Before their visit, there has been widespread peaceful demonstration against 2008 constitution which at most NLD members and other democratic minded people wanted to be partially or totally be altered from the beginning.

The 2008 constitution had been the world longest drafting constitution which was needed to compile for nearly 15 long years to draft and complete, since then which has been irritating citizens of Myanmar and that of the international community.

In reality, 2008 constitution is nothing more than a solid defense of Than Shwe, who still a sole commander in chief from behind, imposing orders to his burly and show-off commander in Chief General Min Aung Hlaing, who is being thronged as the sole key master player of Ministry of Home Affairs, Minister of Border Areas and Ministry of Population – which are the most important ministries to control solitary power in Myanmar politics and trouble the people of Myanmar.

Thein Sein, President of Myanmar is not anything more than a number (4) in rank or a standing figure in cabinet, assigned by Than Shwe as a puppet president, who has been no power to do anything without the permission of his superior. In the pass series of violence, he couldn’t effectively impose his power to stop the unilateral mass killing against innocent Rohingyas, Kaman and Burmese Muslims from Rakhine and Burmese assailants, but instead issuing the occasional orders which had been just appealing means to armed Buddhist assailants.

In the year 2012, to investigate the crimes that committed against Rohingyas people in Rakhine state by Rakhine people, monks and Rakhine police, Thein Sein assigned an investigation commission, comprising a (27) members mission in which the most notorious vet. Aye Maung and Aye Thar Aung, whom people of the world widely regarded as the main manipulators in the mass massacre, were being included in fact findings mission, aiming by Thein Sein not to find out real culprits because the most wanted culprits have been above-mentioned both Rakhine leaders by the widespread evidences of expression in several local journals, magazines, local media and international Burmese media such as RFA, VOA, DVB and BBC. Thein Sein had been a sole partner of the massacre in accord the expression of Aye Thar Aung in his U Tube, Who can deny this?

As the continuous chanting of the amendment of the 2008 constitution in nation-wide has been seriously concerned by the government, the friendliness permission for the simultaneous visits of world leaders to Myanmar might have been tolerable in support of a piece of head-ache relief for both Thein Sein regime and Hluttaw cabinet. Than Shwe and all his son like generals have no plan to modify the 2008 constitution to formulate a narrow political window for Suu Kyi who wants to cling the majority votes of Buddhist people in 2015 general election to be president of the state.

As more, in accord within line principle of quasi-civilians government, though Thein Sein has allowed the OIC’s mission to pay visit to Myanmar, there have been fine planning at all levels to demonstrate by bigoted and dogmatic Buddhists believers, who everywhere demonstrated and used the cheeky banner, describing --“Islamism is the most precarious and negligibly breeding human being so the OIC’s visit was not wanted and be stopped”. Meaning the entire Muslim Ummah was easily challenged and mocked by the Mugh Rakhine and Thein Sein regime as if we Muslims are banana people in the world.

In the sight of Thein Sein’s regime, Rakhine fanatic, careless, bigoted leaders and that of the grassroots level chauvinistic people, all the benevolent attempts to help peacefully solve, since the last 20 years and particularly the year 2012-- the unsolved issue of Rohingyas by regional and international bodies have been futile, meaningless and ridiculous. 

Neither Myanmar government nor Rakhine intellectuals wanted to find the authentic proofs of the existence of Rohingyas to solve the issue of Rohingyas citizenship, which has been stalemate for a long and has been the mainly interested agenda of the UNHCR for more than 20-year, and now serious concern of OIC and the United Nations Security Council.

Instead of solving the standing issue under the guidance of UNHCR and international community by both union government, Rakhine state government and that of the people, they have been the coordinated destructive forces to put entire Rohingyas into abyss through applying multiple mortal ways to finish once and for all from their native land, Arakan State at the presence of UNHCR and many sisterly NGOs, which running their humanitarian works along Rakhine state. 

Throughout the years, due to ineffective and in-attending efforts of international community on helpless and vulnerable Rohingyas, it has been worried that Rohingyas would have no way out rather than self-suicide and homicide unless they are timely saved by international community principally by the authority of United Nations Security Council. 

Believing the inner circle and high level dirty plot activities, It is extensively assumed that in a very near future or at the beginning of 2014, Thein Sein regime will divert the current nation-wide demonstration of 2008 constitution amendment with a mass protest, signifying in every township of the Union by the slogan such as –“anti Rohingyas existence, get-out Rohingyas from Myanmar, kill all Rohingyas”—so on. 

We entire Rohingyas people are gravely concerned about the random, arbitrary and indiscriminate arresting, killing, torching, evicting and displacing from our original locations as a result of sorts of multiple atrocities in along the year 2014.

All in all, whilst we Rohingyas people acknowledge that all inhumane atrocities of Thein Sein regime and Rakhine leaders on vulnerable Rohingyas were known by the world society, it is now time for the world community on the whole the world most powerful body, United Nations Security Council, to protect and save us from the butcher government of Thein Sein regime.

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