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Birds Of A Feather Flock Together

Huson Salm
RB Article
November 7, 2013

During the Parliament session on Monday November 4, 2013 in Nay Pyi Daw, the RNDP’s lady Parliamentarian Khin Saw Wai’s conspiracy to box in Rohingya people from Maung Daw and Buthidaung Townships was clearly seen. A preceding attempt of a fanatic Rakhine people’s designative motive to confront the good coming of the OIC, who plans to visit to properly evaluate the situation in Rakhine state and Burma. 

The OIC has obtained an agreement with the government of Myanmar in the recent United Nations sideline meeting to come in Myanmar to evaluate the dire situation of displaced people in along Rakhine state and Burma properly and to help provide the humanitarian assistance to needy people, regardless of religions and race, under the agreement of United Nations and Myanmar government.

The entire Rakhine people and false monks have had a blindly negative view. Since last year they have expressed this with constant demonstrations along the countryside against the OIC. Their reasoning is that the OIC favors NGOs to help Rohingyas and Muslim people. Moreover, the entire Rakhine community have been afraid of being exposed to their Ma Thidar Htwe’s plot, following inhumane, atrocious activities against helpless Rohingyas, Kamans and Burmese Muslims to the international community. Overall, Rakhine people and the political parties have been aware of world people’s retribution impact. Fears that an international investigation would be allowed for the incident that happened in Rakhine state in 2012. To deter such an investigation by the world community, there have been coordinated and synchronized efforts by the office of President Thein Sein, both houses of Parliament, some fanatic Parliamentarians and the entire disreputable, bigoted, gory and narrow minded Rakhine politicians. 

The Rohingya people are native and sons of the soil. With well-built documents and ancient stone inscriptions. No etymologist of the world could deny or refuse the existence of the Rohingya people in the land of Arakan (Rakhine) state since before the 10th century. Yet, they have been branded as infiltrators, aliens, intruders, tress-passers, unwanted immigrants. Just laborers from nearby neighboring Bangladesh by the willful consecutive governments of Myanmar since the 1960s. 

Due to the Rakhine people’s jealous behavior and nature, their constant blasphemous, sacrilegious and offensive complaints to the state government for many decades regarding Rohingyas, the sons of the soil of Arakan state, Myanmar consecutive governments have frequently tried to expel the Rohingya people in the course of operation after operation. Rakhine politicians and the entire people have been the main manipulators to exterminate Rohingyas from their ancestral land. With the realization of the manipulated action and unkind atrocious manners of Rakhine and the union level government onto innocent Rohingyas by the world community, the UNCHR have been in Rakhine state since 1994 to look after the targeted Rohingya people from the danger of Rakhine and union government. Though the United Nations body was there for more than two decades to protect and to find a sustainable solution to the unsolved issue in regard the helpless and vulnerable Rohingyas people, they haven't been able to settle the standing problem during the two decades of its diplomacy. This because of the two stubborn SPDC and SLORC military governments. Instead, the world community realized that the Rohingya issue should be thoroughly solved at the first inception of democratic government, the U Thein Sein quasi-civilian administration. 

Comprehending the intercontinental community’s understanding to settle the difficulty in the hand of democratic government by local political elements, such as Rakhine Parliamentarians, 88 generation leaders, Upper and Lower House Speakers, U Thein Nyunt and so on, they soon started to spoil the calm situation in Rakhine state into chaos. Neglecting the global demand to settle the problem of 'Rohingya issue' supposing the 'sovereignty' of the state and non-interference of the internal affairs of the others. Sovereignty is a responsibility but not an authority. Under the name of sovereignty, no notional power can bully its unwanted nationals like Rohingyas and Kachins because of different creed, color and affinity with comparison to the majority Buddhist people of the nation. Every sovereign state should take responsibility for its outstanding issues to be solved in accordance with regional and international norms. Myanmar is now a chair of ASEAN and should behave as a first class state of the world in abiding the rule of law, instead of random, haphazard, casual, hit and miss talking and doing in Upper House and Lower House through the synchronized action of crooked Parliamentarians and both house of speakers who favors the sentiments of Rakhine politicians. 

It has been leant that Myanmar parliament have gradually became coordinated partners to exchange views with Parliaments of the world. Of course Myanmar should learn from the world for the good function of Myanmar parliament houses. Discussions in Parliaments are being known quickly to the world. Every participant should refrain from any kind of misbehaviors, dishonesty, irrelevancy and irregularities that can tarnish the state image in the sight of the world. 

In the 21st century, with the effective application of information technology and modernization of all round technological innovations, nothing can be hidden. The world becomes a global village. Within minutes everyone can know any happenings around the world. To find out realistic solutions to the outstanding issues under the advice of the international community is the best way. Instead of collective negative views brought to Parliaments through the ‘hegemonic mindset of sovereignty’. It is a good opportunity for Myanmar to march towards a good turning point, using realistic based mindset to help solve the unsettled hitch but it would be greatly deplorable if all unrealistic viewers, “Birds of a feather flock together”, draw together in concert in a place to adopt any irrelevant resolution in regard to Rohingyas.

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