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Born To Suffer

Born To Suffer

Sindhi Khan
RB Poem
October 13, 2013

“What dog of Human Right.
O say, what is that thing called right,
We, Rohingyas, are unknown of the basic rights.
We are treated by kick and fist.”

“We are wondering at midnight,
Without any light.
Before the years of thirty-first,
we feel everything called right.”

“We are losing at present,
everything known as right.
Because of no one to hear our cry,
we have to die in broad daylight without any fight.”

“O say, what is the thing called right,
as well as might.
How can we be strong and fit
and how we will regain our right.”

  1. INSHA ALLAH coming soon our triumph If we adjust and regulate our strength on long-suffering with patience, don't lose hope

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