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Replacement Of Disbanded Nasaka, Ma Ka Pha Mobilized In Maungdaw

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September 18, 2013 

Maungdaw, Arakan – Replacement of disbanded Nasaka, Western Region Ma Ka Pha mobilized in Kyigan Pyin village tract. This is in the Maungdaw Township of Arakan State. This was where Nasaka’s headquarters used to be. The new group arrived there on September 9, 2013. 

The new group, Western Region Ma Ka Pha claimed that they are to prevent illegal immigrants entering the region and leaving people illegally from Arakan State. The new group’s organization structure is as same as Nasaka. The amount of officers will be the same as well. Every outpost will have at least 7 staff. They arrived to Kyigan Pyin headquarters on September 9th and started mobilization on September 10th. 

They called all village administrators for to a meeting on September 10th at their respective area outposts. 

There were meetings held on September 11th and 12th at Kyigan Phyin headquarters and Magyi Chaung outpost no. (15) with village tract administrators. In the meeting at the outpost on September 12th at 10 am, Ma Ka Pha officer, Immigration Deputy Head of Maungdaw, Soe Win said that the Western Region Ma Ka Pha is to handle Birth certificate, Death certificate and the list of "run-aways" from the country. They will arrest people entering and leaving illegally. They will make surprise checks of guests at villagers homes. Even if people live in the same village, they can’t live in another house without the recommendation from the village administration. The person will be arrested if they fail to have a letter from village administration. They will put red colour sign-boards in some places to mark restricted areas. They will shoot or arrest anyone who passes the restricted area. They will shoot if anyone leaves their home after 10 pm. They won’t issue any birth certificates for those parents didn’t register for the new born baby within 3 months. The government temporarily stopped issuing marriage permits at this time but they are believed to publicize the procedure in about a week. 

The village tract administrators also had a meeting with villagers in the following days and explained about the new group Ma Ka Pha. The information was told by Ma Ka Pha officer Soe Win. Moreover, they distributed the sample forms of birth certificate application and death certificate application, amongst others. 

A villager said “We don’t have illegal immigrants entering. But we have illegally leaving. That’s happening because the authorities are engaging in human trafficking. The authorities are sending people to Malaysia. They are taking money and are arranging the boats.” 

“Now the new group Ma Ka Pha is to prevent illegal entering and leaving. We are happy for that and we welcome them but however we are afraid that they will involve (us) in human trafficking like disbanded Nasaka and that hey will torture and extort money like Nasaka. We are very worried.” the villager continued.

  1. Same people in same roles with different name?

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