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Rakhine Hooligans Attacked 6 Rohingyas In Sittwe, 5 Believed To Have Died

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September 11, 2013 

Sittwe, Arakan – Six Rohingya fishermen from Ka Din Pike village tract in Sittwe Township of Arakan State were attacked in the river while going for fishing by Rakhine hooligans. Five of them believed to have died and one survived. 

On September 10th, Tuesday at 6 pm, four Rohingya fishermen from Ka Din Pike Gyi hamlet and 2 Rohingya fishermen from Ka Din Pike Chay hamlet left for fishing on the sea. They were attacked by Rakhine hooligans when they arrived 6 miles away from Ka Din Pike village tract. The Rakhines attacked them by a big boat and their boat was sank. After that, the Rakhines picked them from the water and tied their hands and legs with ropes. They then brought them to the Rakhine village named Oo Ri Pyin and again brought back them to the middle of the river with the boat. The six Rohingyas were beaten very cruelly with a steel stick. The severely injured and were thrown into the water later. 

Among six fishermen, a man could manage to remove the ropes from his hands and legs and could swim to shore. The survivor reached Ka Din Pike village on Monday morning at 7 am and informed the police about the incident. The police and the villagers tried to find the five people who were missing but there was no luck. They found the sunken boat near the Rakhine village. The missing five Rohingyas are believed to have died in the river. 

The survivor with severe injured is Abdul Majed, son of Abdul Malik (30-years-old) and the missing five believed to have died are: 

(1) Abdul Aziz, son of Abdul Malik (42-years-old) 
(2) Nabi Hussein, son of Kala Miah (40-years-old) 
(3) Shafi Ullah, son of Nur Ullah (18-years-old) 
(4) Nabi Hussein, son of Sayed Hussein (22-years-old) 
(5) Dil Mohammed, son of Mohammed Hussein

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