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Official Website of Myanmar President’s Office Disrupted by Anonymous Hackers

Eduard Kovacs
August 2, 2013

The official website of the Myanmar President’s Office ( has been disrupted by Anonymous hackers as part of the campaign dubbed OpMyanmar.

The hacktivists announced their intentions of targeting the president’s website on Thursday. The distributed denial-of-service (DDOS) attack against the site started around 14 hours ago.

“Our demand is clear, namely removing sites archive Indonesia, if wants peace (sic),” one hacker wrote on Twitter.

He added, “If our demands are not carried out by the Myanmar, then we will continue assault on myanmar presidential sites.”

Currently, is still down. In the meantime, hacktivists are provided with DDOS tools and encouraged to join the attack against the website of the President’s Office.

This is not the first time when Myanmar government websites are targeted by hacktivists. Back in late May, several government sites – including the ones of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, and Department of Civil Aviation – were disrupted in protest against anti-Muslim violence.

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