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11-years-old Rohingya girl killed by Rakhine extremists

RB News
June 11, 2013

Mrauk-U, Arakan – The Rohingyas living in Mrauk-U Township have been facing difficulties to lead normal lives due to continuous restriction on freedom of movement and security since the anti-Rohingya violence broke out there in October 2012. 

Zizar Muslim village is one of the villages that face extreme hardship for survival in that region. Regardless of age and gender, villagers have to work hard for their daily meals which at many incidents put their lives in danger.

Eleven years-old Kurshida D/o Nur Hussein was an underage girl who has to work hard to feed her family. To save the family from starvation, she decided to sell vegetables in Pi Pyin Yin Muslim village so that she can earn something to support her family. So today morning she left from her village to sell some vegetables in Pi Pyin Yin village although she knew that the journey to Pi Pyin Yin village involved risk as it passed near a Rakhine village. 

The villagers from Zizar presumed that Kurshida has walked far away from A Htoke Thay Ma Rakhine village as she was aware of the danger of passing nearby a Rakhine village. 

The Military from Rathedaung Township is also stationed at A Htoke Thay Ma Rakhine village for providing security to the people around the region. Despite the military’s presence, she was brutally killed in day light and her body was dumped under the Laymyo Sar Bridge which is located nearby military camp according to the villagers.

“We found Kurshida’s dead body under the Laymyo Sar Bridge at 4:20 pm. The bridge is nearby military camp. Her body was hacked into two pieces.” a villager from Zizar told to RB News

The villagers reported the authorities immediately after they found the dead body but it seems that the authorities are not interested to take any action against the murder of an innocent Rohingya girl which is very usual in Rakhine State these days. The villagers said “we think they won’t take any action”.

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