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Protests against U Thein Sein in Washington DC

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May 27, 2013

Washington DC: The protests against Myanmar President U Thein Sein were organized by US Campaign for Burma, Myanmar Muslim Civil Right Movement and Free Rohingya Campaign and held on May 19 and 20 respectively. 

The protests were held in front of VOA, White House and Chamber of Commerce at Washington DC. More than 80 people participated in the protests on 19th May evening and 20th May. Of them, sixty people were Rohingya and Burmese Muslims, 16 were from Fort Wayne Indiana, 5 from Chicago, one from Wisconsin, 4 from New York City, 21 people were from Utica NY and the rest were from Oregon, New Jersey and other states of USA.

The protest started in front of VOA about 5PM on May 19. The protesters demanded U Thein Sein to stop promoting false democracy, lying to international communities and sponsoring ethnic cleansing of Rohingyas and Burmese Muslims in Burma. Media like RFA, VOA Burmese, VOA Indonesia, BBC Burmese and some online bloggers interviewed some of the protesters.

The much larger crowd gathered to protest in front of White House. Many speakers took turn to speak to the protesters about rights of Rohingya and Burmese Muslims and how government of Burma instigated hatred among Burmese population to create religious violence for political advantage. Speakers had spoken directly to President Obama so as to brief him about the Secret Service Group from Burma before he met U Thein Sein.

About 20 media organizations covered the protest news at different time. Some of them were ABC Australia, Al Jazeera, AFP, BBC Burmese, VOA Burmese, Genocide Watch, Channel 5 and others.

The protesters shouted "Thein Sein is a Liar" and demanded to "Stop Genocide" and "Stop Killings" while U Thein Sein was entering the white house.

Some members of the Secret Service Group from Burma also took pictures and made videos of the protesters at the chamber of commerce by pretending as if taking breaks outside the building. Kachins, Rohingyas, and Burmese Muslims took turn to condemn Burmese supremacist policy that suppresses ethnic minorities such as Kachin, Rohingya and Burmese Muslim. It was a very successful protest according to the organizers.

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