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A Rohingya Man and His Son Hacked in Maung Daw

RB News 
April 15, 2013

Maung Daw, Arakan- Around 1AM this morning, a Rohingya man and his son were hacked by some Rakhine terrorists at the village of Dail Fara (ZayKunTan), Alaythankyaw village tract, Maung Daw Township. 

They were U Shamshu S/o Moghul Ahmed (46) and his son, Maung Omar Farooque (17). 

The father and the son got hacked by six Rakhine terrorists as they fell asleep around 1AM while monitoring and taking care of their bean field. The terrorists fled when the co-villagers came to rescue as the father and the son shouted out for help. 

“By the time the father and the son had shouted out for help, his villagers rushed to rescue them. So, the terrorists ran away. Yet, both the father and the son got hacked at their hands and legs. The injuries are severe” said a villager to RB News. 

“They, with the severe injuries, were taken to the hospital in the AlayThanKyaw Village Tract. However, the authority in the hospital refused to cure them and sent them back. Now, they are being treated in their homes by the possible means. We are unable to lodge complaints against those terrorists to Police either because Police do not take any actions against them. Police, instead, try to extort money from Rohingya victims” he added.

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