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A Rohingya house torched in Maungdaw

RB News 
April 15, 2013 

Maungdaw: A house owned by a Rohingya in Dushirar Dan (Gawdusara) Village, Southern Maungdaw Township in Arakan State was torched yesterday at 9:30pm local time. 

The detail of the event is – a house owned by Guramiah is very close to Natala Rakhine village. The village administrator Ye Aung (Rakhine ethnic) threatened him many times to demolish the house. But as Guramiah is living in this house with his family for many years he disobeyed the order of village administrator. He and his family have been sleeping at nearest relatives’ houses for the fear of night time attack since last year June after the violence broke out in Maungdaw. 

In regard to torching Guramiah’s house “8 Natala Rakhine villages came and torched the house of Guramiah at 9:30pm. Guramiah and his family members were at home at that time. Luckily they could escape from the fire. Nobody injured. We saw 8 Natala Rakhine villagers but we couldn’t identify them who they are because of the darkness outside. Nasaka personnel arrived after the house burnt down into ashes. After that we could not go near to the house as Nasaka barred us. 8 Natala Rakhine villagers left after torching the house.” an eye-witness told to RB News

A resident from Maugdaw told that although Nasaka and authorities used to visit such sudden events they are just recording what took place and never take any action against the violators.

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