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HIGH ALERT: Rakhine Extremists To Massacre More Rohingyas and Kamans in March and April

Many Rohingyas and Kamans lost their lives to the terrorist attacks by Rakhine extremists in Maung Daw, Rathedaung, Akyab (Sittwe) and other parts of Arakan state in early June 2012. 

Although Rohingyas have no arm-groups, Burmese domestic media and the former major and director of the president’s office, Zaw Htay alias Hmuu Zaw, via his Facebook Page spread a wrong propaganda and portray Rohingyas as if they were invading Arakan state and committing Genocide against Rakhines. Consequently, the violence against Rohingyas and Kamans took place twice: first round in June 2012 and second round in October 2012 respectively. 

Though the death toll announced by the Central Government of Myanmar happened to be only 180 people, in actual fact, there were untold numbers of Rohingyas and Kamans killed in the violence. Besides, hundreds of the victims escaping the violence died even in the sea. The violence has displaced more than 120,000 people who have now to live in the camps that are dire and worst in all angles. 

INGOs have been aiding them as much as possible and likewise, Turkey in cooperation with the government is also planning to build some cheap and temporary houses for these vulnerable people. However, on 7th March 2013, Rakhine extremists held protests in Sittwe and other townships and demanded to even cancel the mentioned resettlement programs. 

There have been rumors since last February that Rakhine extremists will trigger yet another round of violence against Rohingyas sometime in between March and April 2013 (i.e. during the period of Myanmar traditional water-festival). We have investigated through our internal reliable source to confirm its degree of reliability and found out that Rakhine extremists have already planned and programmed to massacre Muslims in Arakan state once in last week of March and the next in the second week of April. 

Eye-witnesses tell RB News that NaTaLa Rakhine Extremists, in Maung Daw, northern Arakan, have been being trained on how to use guns and swords since last February. Moreover, there were 300 Bama officers in Sittwe Security Force and now they have been replaced by Rakhine Security Officers. The trainings have also being given to them according to a reliable source. 

Although the forthcoming violence in the last week of March has been now widely known in Rakhine community, Rohingyas and Kamans are still totally unaware of it and will most likely be attacked all of a sudden. As before, there are plans to create false stories and spread wrong propaganda by the domestic media and the former major and director of the president’s office, Zaw Htay alias Hmuu Zaw, will take up his usual role of fooling naive Burmese people. 

Therefore, with a view to protecting the lives of the innocent civilians and the losses of their properties in the hands of the politically self-centered and vested-interest groups, we, by writing this highly alert letter, plead to the Government of Myanmar and International Government Bodies to seriously take this matter into consideration and to control the situation in advance. 

With Hopes, 

RB News Team
March 8, 2013

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